Next Race: 32nd National Milo Marathon Finals

Just before November ends another great race is upon us, none other than “the country’s premier running event” (quote) the Milo Marathon.

This event indeed has bragging rights to say so because it probably is the most participated running event in the country.  I registered today myself and a friend (last day of registration) for the event and I was really surprised at my friend’s race number (running 5K): 82387!  Five digits!  And it seems like numbering is different for male and female because of the initial letter “F” in the number:

My friend’s race number: I’ve never seen a race number with so many digits. Note the “F” in the number... can you imagine the total number of 5K runners?
My race number for 10K: it’s very low relative to the count of 5K-ers but still, more than 4,000 participants? Wow!

For an event as big as this it’s not that orderly: no information about the route of the race was supplied, nor when and where the assembly is, so it’s a bit disappointing for first timers (for Milo Marathon at least) and very frustrating.  We just assumed that it’s going to start near the Rizal monument in Luneta, and that it would start at 6AM because that’s when races typically start.  Their website was a mess and I really can’t get decent information from it either.  For a first timer in this race I really feel left out (hope the organizers of the race realize this).

There were two types of “uniform” being given: shirts for 5K and singlets for 10K (perhaps the 42K as well).  I call it a “uniform” because unlike other races Milo requires everyone to wear the official shirt/singlet.

The front of the Milo singlet, nothing much to say here...
I love the “Kaya mo yan!” (You can do it!) label on the back of the singlet which the shirts also have

I joined this race not necessarily to set a new PR: I joined because I believe that this is a unique experience especially because of the huge volume of participants and not to mention that I’ve been hearing about this race all my life.  Before I was just a spectator, now I get to be part of it!

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  1. JanMike says:

    Yo, wassup, bilis ng write-up ah! 🙂

    Now you can also send your Milo Marathon story (as seen on TV).

    I’ll give you the route tomorrow. Got it from the Philippine Star. When you see it, I’m sure you can set a new PR. The 10K is along Roxas Blvd.


  2. Cathy says:

    Wow, good thing you still got slots in the Milo race! Good luck and have fun! I hope I can join next year’s. 🙂


  3. dhenztm says:

    Thanks JanMike for the race route!

    Thanks Cathy hope to see you in future runs! 🙂


  4. jane says:

    my bf wants to join but i guess he’s late………

    > this event was concluded last November 30, 2008


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