Runningpinoy’s First “Monthsary” Online

It was like yesterday when I was still dreaming of putting up a blog site for my newly-found love, running.  Now, I am celebrating my blog site runningpinoy’s first month!

I originally targeted to launch this site on my birthday last November 07 but due to some “technical difficulties” I was formally able to launch it on November 11 (11/11/08, nice sequence of digits) and got my first visitor then.  Now a month hence I’m very glad I made this site and it really helped me be in touch with other runners out there, whether here in Metro Manila, or elsewhere.

This blog site originally started as a cork board in the office, of course in my cubicle.  I wanted a place where I can post races, registration forms, and of course some of my memorabilia from races since admittedly some of my colleagues don’t really read some of the emails we send about races because some people have an instinct to “Reply to All” and turn emails into forum threads.  Some of them admitted that they’d rather go to my cube and look at my board to see of upcoming races they could join, and since I also place registration forms there they can just get it, fill up, and return to me since I’m one of the “messengers:” the bearer of registration forms to registration sites (R.O.X. division).  I love the feeling of sharing my passion for running and I’m glad whenever I get new “recruits.”  I even enjoy bringing lots of filled out forms to registration sites (except for carrying a lot singlets), namely R.O.X., because I meet other runners there and chat a little with the organizers (and I can look for more shoes—look only though).

da running board: runningpinoy’s predecessor (taken November 04, 2008 and continuously being updated)

It has been a great month, and I look forward to many more visitors and site referrals (you’re very much welcome to link to this site, and have yours listed in my blogrolls too!).  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my site as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  Thank you all, and feel free to throw me anything on your mind on how I can improve this site.  Happy Holidays!

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  1. ibetlacbay says:

    congratulations on your first month! btw, nice running board. too bad hindi ko pwedeng gawin yan sa office cube ko.

    > thank you! di ko alam kung hanggang kailan pwede yan sa office, hangga’t pwede dyan lang yun hehe 🙂


  2. run unltd. says:

    Hey Dhenz, congratulations, keep on writing. I believe I caught you on cam during the yakult run, how can I send it to you? Care for your email add?

    Vener – run unltd.

    > I sent you my email, thanks Vener!


  3. sfrunner says:

    Hi Runningpinoy. Congratulations on your first month. Hope there will be many, many months and even years for you. Also, congratulations on last Sunday’s race. Take care. – Wayne

    > Thank you very much Wayne!


  4. Lem says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Have already been a regular visitor of your site since the start of the Nike Training clinic. It has always been a reliable source of updates, and in a way makes me experience some of the events in the local running scene (especially those races I was not able to join 🙂 )

    Congratulations! Great job! 🙂

    -Lem (classmates tayo sa training clinic)

    See you around!

    > Thanks Lem, hope to see you (and be able to) next session! I’m already badly missing blogging about the clinic, I’ve been seeing a different clinic lately 🙂 .


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