Run for Home Race Update

Claiming of race kits for Run for Home begins today on booths located in front of Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street (B3, BHS), and not in ROX as stated in the claim coupon.

The race kit should include a singlet, the official race number with safety pins, route map, and electronic timing chip.

6 Responses to “Run for Home Race Update”

  1. 2009-07-16 at 4:54 PM

    Hi Dhenz,

    is it true that the process is chaotic? That there is a separate line for the Singlet, a separate one for the race kit, and another line for the Pre-paid card?

  2. 3 david
    2009-07-18 at 11:03 PM

    As one of those claiming in the afternoon at the last day, they run out of my size of singlet and was encouraging me to get those avail (smaller). Naturally I refused and questioned what happened to the size reservation provision on the application. The repeated replay I got was “sorry, ganun talaga. You can try during the race tomorrow when people start swapping sizes. So I said “can you guarantee I’ll get my size and put it in writing. In a few minutes, my size shirt miraculously was given to me.

    Though, I may have won the argument, I may have actually lost in a sense that the “L” size was actually too small for me (while I’m “L” on all the runs I joined)

    • 2009-07-20 at 9:26 AM

      I’m sorry to hear that David. Considering the number of races finishline.ph have had I too was surprised that the process was not well executed. Regarding the singlet sizes I think it’s still because there are no “standards” in Philippine sizing.

  3. 5 david
    2009-07-20 at 10:19 AM

    Thanks for your understand Dhenz. The race proper, though, yesterday was well-organized.

    Regarding, registering for runs, it seems that I prefer picking getting the shirts when you register. In this way, you can adjust your registering (checking out different register locations or deferring it til your size becomes avail), rather than register and then a day or two before the event, find out your size isn’t avail.

    That’s why I’m a bit concerned about the upcoming Urbanite run cause the registration and race kit claiming process is similar to this Globe run.

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