Run Free—Like Crazy?!

Have you ever thought of running like you used to when you were a child—no schedules, no pace, no distance, no pressure—just pure clean fun?  I was lucky enough to have a chance at that last night at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) during my long run.  I was pretty bored of the typical Bonifacio High Street (BHS) route and out of nowhere I just thought of running wherever!  No defined routes and distance, just being spontaneous.  The only rule I followed was to run wherever in BGC I haven’t been to and hopefully not get lost—and I didn’t, so here’s what happened:

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Is this route crazy or what? (Click for more details)

At about 4K into my run I received an SMS from a friend that they’d be running towards McKinley Hill. I was at the time already in Market! Market! and taking the usual route to McKinley Hill would take some time. I really was planning on going to McKinley Hill for some hill training and that’s when I thought of joining my friends—by taking C5 to get there.

I was dismayed when I found out how near McKinley Hill was from Market! Market!  I’ve never been to that section of C5 before so I had no idea it was that close.  After some time I finally met up with my friends along Lawton Ave. and crazy as I am I joined them in their run instead of heading back despite already covering 8K at that time.  For some weird reason I was able to convince them to head back to Market! Market! the same way I did going to McKinley—via C5.  Like earlier stated it was short but from McKinley it was not easy as it was a very long uphill run on the flyover!  From there we had some interesting route going back to BHS and for me ending with a total of 12.92K for the night (including the 1.21K warmup run I had around BHS).

One Million Meters

Upon tallying up my runs since I started August last year I just found out that I already covered 1,000K distance!  With this last run I currently have 1,007K under my feet and counting towards my first 1,000K for the year which currently stands at 885K.  it was truly a rewarding night since not only did I cover areas of BHS I’ve never been to, I was also able to break 1,000K.

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  1. crestina says:

    Hi, I got the chance to see the place you described in your long run (though not it its entirety) and I must say that, it’s a cool place to run. Congrats on your 1000K. 🙂


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thanks Crestina! 🙂


  2. kingofpots says:

    your “1,000K Club” Finisher’s T-Shirt is waiting in my car. please see me after the rota run this sunday!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Oh wow! Thank you very much Sir Jovie! 😀


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