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Christmas season is here!  For many this is also a time for vacation and travel.  For those who won’t be able to do so (myself included), join with me on a virtual tour of two spots I’ve been to for the past two consecutive weekends: Ilocos Provinces, Philippines, and Singapore.  These tours served as an early vacation for me so I’m home-bound this yuletide season.

These tours were spinoff itineraries of races, the first one way up North of Luzon with Run Ahead in Laoag, and the second one South almost at the Equator with Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.  These races were the primary reasons I was in these spots but was in no way the only reasons these places are worth visiting.  You may probably call me a “sports tourist” in line with my battle cry “takbo hangga’t may lupa” (run while there’s land to run onto) and being one allowed me to see places in a unique perspective.

Without further ado I’ll start with the details of our Northern tour on my next post.

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