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Featured Race: National Geographic Channel’s Earth Day Run

On April 18, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia National Geographic Channel will have a race to celebrate Earth Day—the Earth Day Run.  What sets this race apart from other events is the proceeds aren’t just handed over to an organization and you won’t know how it would be spent—proceeds of NatGeo Earth Day Run will support the Design Against the Elements (DAtE), a global architectural design contest that aims to provide a solution to the problems presented by climate change.

We all know that the Philippines, while may not be a significant contributor to climate change, is one of the countries most susceptible to its effects.  We’ve all seen how typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) flooded 80% of Metro Manila in 2009 and it is just but one of many strong typhoons that would come our way in the future.  We’ve all seen how Filipinos and even the international community joined hands to help the victims but ask yourself, “do I still have clothes/goods/donations to give for the victims of the next ‘Ondoy?’”

The DAtE project aims to reduce losses by designing communities that are both sustainable to build and can withstand the rigors of the Philippines’ typhoons and consequent flooding made worse by increasingly alarming effects of climate change.  It shows the world that the Philippines isn’t just a country that constantly asks for help—we are doing something about it—and you can be a part of it.

According to Jude Turcuato, Territory Director of FOX International and National Geographic Channel Asia, “the funds we’ll generate out of the event will help build affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and disaster-resistant model houses in Taguig City that can withstand environmental calamities like last year’s Ondoy flooding.”

NatGeo Earth Day Run

When: April 18, 2010, 5:00AM

Where: SM Mall of Asia

Distances and Fees: 3K (P500), 5K (P600), and 10K (P700) inclusive of a limited edition Earth Day Run technical shirt

Registration: Nike Park Bonifacio High Street and Timex stores in SM Mall of Asia and SM North EDSA until April 11, 2010; online via until April 4, 2010.

“On April 18, show the world how much we care.  Join the thousands who will wake up early to run, walk, and be counted.  A little sacrifice will definitely inspire people to care about our planet,” Turcuato said.

Race Results

Update: Race results for 3K, 5K, and 10K are now furnished courtesy of


Earth Hour Pilipinas 2010

Earth Hour is the single, biggest, global call to action on climate change ever seen.  It is a highly “visible” symbolic act that everyone can easily join—all you need to do is turn off your lights for one hour from 8:30PM to 9:30PM tomorrow night, March 27, 2010.Earth Hour Pilipinas March 27, 2009 8:30PM-9:30PM

Since its inception three years ago, Earth Hour has captured the world’s imagination by becoming a global phenomenon.  Earth Hour 2009 inspired one Billion people in 4100 cities and 88 countries to switch off.  Over 10 Million Filipinos in 647 towns, cities and municipalities joined in–more than anywhere else on Earth.  This year Earth Hour Philippines aims for the participation of over 15 Million Filipinos in over 1000 towns and cities nationwide. Globally, 807 cities, towns and cities in 82 countries across every continent have already signed up.*

Thinking of fun things to do during Earth Hour?  Here are some of the polite suggestions from WWF:

  1. Invite your friends over for a candlelit dinner.
  2. Get those board games out and have some fun seeing how easily you can swap your scrabble counters in the dark!
  3. Go for a walk.  Lie down.  Look up.  In all of that which you’ll then see, we only have the thing you’re lying on to call home.  Cherish it.
  4. Do something “crafty” by candlelight: paint, mould, stick, knit, quilt, or paint…
  5. Got kids?  Get out the camping gear!  Set up a tent and tell fantastical stories of a time when the earth had no artificial lights and strange things went more than just BUMP! in the dark…
    …or plan a few harmless April Fool’s Day pranks in advance.

Read the rest of the suggestions here

As we aspire for better health for ourselves with running and even extend help to others by joining races for charities, why not do something as simple as turning off our lights for an hour for the Earth?  The reduction on your power bill may not be as significant as the “inconvenience” it may cause, but hey, if you can, why not?



Get Ready for Infinity and More!

The race that started “time trials” in the country last year is now back to challenge you, “can you beat your time?”   For those who started the challenge a year ago now is your time to show everyone the better you, but for those who missed their chance this is the right time to start gauging yourself.   Of course I’m referring to the Mizuno Infinity Run—Never Settle.

The race is on April 11, 2010 at Bonifacio Global City, near the NBC Tent and features a 5K, 10K, and 15K leg with Open, Age, and “Beat Your Own Time” categories.   Registration fee is P450 for 15K and P400 for 10K and 5K but if you joined last year’s event you get a P50 discount.   Race packet includes a special edition Mizuno Infinity bag and a finisher’s shirt.

Here are the route maps: 15K, 10K, 5K Can you smell a new personal record?

But Wait!  There’s More!

Carbo Loading Parties (CLPs) are usually held for marathons and even half-marathons, but for a 15K?   Mizuno in partnership with Joey Pepperoni Global City is having their Carbo Loading Promo starting today, March 26, until tomorrow, March 27, 2010 where a group of three runners availing of Joey Pepperoni’s “Pasta All You Can” can get a bread basket or three bottomless iced tea free.

More!  More!

Mizuno still has a lot in store under its sleeves, among them are a run in Ortigas (yes, Ortigas!), the arrival of Mizuno trail shoes in the country, and a fun run in Tagaytay Highlands:

Mizuno Tagaytay Highlands Fun Run

When: April 25, 2010

Where: Tagaytay Highlands (starts at Saratoga, Midlands)

Distances: 3K and 5K road run; 10K road & trail run

Registration: March 15-April 15, 2010 at all Mizuno stores and Tagaytay Highlands Sports Club

Fees: P450 for all distances except for 10K which is P500 for non-members of Tagaytay Highlands, which includes a race pack, singlet, lunch, raffle prizes, and shirts to finishers.

For more details about the fun run call (046) 483 0848.


Team Runner’s World at Globe Run 2010 (Part 2: Race, Route, and Review)

5:40AM the 10K race started.  We “strategically” placed ourselves at the back of the pack as we’re not conscious of our time.  For me it was one of the few times I started at the back and it was a world of its own—the gun was sounded yet the people at the back were hardly affected—as if there was no race!

Just before the start of 10K

Presenting Team Runner’s World (10K Group): Abby, Mike, Me, Carly, Chris, Tracy, Ross, Mar, and Quennie

We were constantly chatting during our “pretty” pace—since we’re showing off our Runner’s World singlet we had to stay “pretty” for the camera, thus the name.  Despite the very, very slow pace (which was practically walking) we were still able to overtake many runners!  Unbelievable!  It was just about 500 meters into the 10K and yet we see people walking.  Eventually as the race progress this scene became more common, and as runners doing a “pretty” pace we had so much unused energy to maintain our speed (or lack of, hehe).

The ladies: Abby, Ross, Carly, Tracy, and Quennie, courtesy Tracy Carpena

The gents: Mike, Chris, Me, and Mar, courtesy Tracy Carpena

Race and Route (10K Perspective)

This was one of the most organized races I’ve seen so far.  Hydration stations finally reached international standards with long tables, adequate water and sports drinks, and close intervals.  Distance was a bit over but the route was my favorite particularly when it went through the “tunnel.”  Both sides of Kalayaan flyover were also used so it was a chance for us to run on the “other” side.  Some route markers were a bit confusing though but as far as 10K is concerned it wasn’t an issue.  Finally who wouldn’t appreciate the convenience of starting and finishing in the middle of Ayala Center.

The 10K route (notice the inaccuracies near high rise areas)

Strong Finish

We wanted to ensure that our presence is known, particularly in the finish, as we were there to promote our sponsor Runner’s World Magazine and so on the last few hundred meters of the race we “showed off” by running in our agreed formation, encouraging loudly those ahead of us to run, and crossed the finish with big smiles and loud cheers!  And yes we were really running the last parts as we saw the clock approaching an hour and a half into the 10K—finishing at 1:29:35 (1:27:46 chip time).  It was probably my slowest race ever (even slower than my BDM102 average pace) but it was definitely one of the most enjoyable one.  Thank you Summit Media and Runner’s World Magazine Philippines for this opportunity!

Tradition: With the rest of gang, courtesy Carlo Serrano


This year’s Globe AyalaLand Run for Home successfully reinvented itself by still introducing new “features” that enhanced the overall race experience while still pushing the level of local races to international standards.  Of course this “upgrades” didn’t come free as fees also went North but on the bright side there were a lot of ways to get discounts, and it still is a run for a cause benefiting Habitat for Humanity.  The experience would’ve been “perfect” had the perpetually delayed race results been resolved.  If you had activated the Facebook live update though you had pretty much a good idea of your time (involves some Math) right after you finished, but for the rest it was a very long two days (detailed Runpix results still unavailable as of press time).  Overall I give this race a Very Good (4/5) rating.  Real time race results? Almost, but not quite—maybe next time?


After some procrastination, detailed Runpix race results are finally available via  Your in-race photos courtesy of PhotoVendo are also now available via


Globe AyalaLand Run for Home 2010 Race Results

Race results are now available through

Here are some summary of the race results:


  1. Kember Liberess (M)
    Belle Grandinetti (F)
  2. Elmer Sabal (M)
    Mitch Mendoza (F)
  3. Reggie Lumawag (M)
    Perla Benavides (F)

View complete results


  1. Willy Tanui (M)
    Luisa Raterta (F)
  2. Alquin Bolivar (M)
    Miscelle Gilbuena (F)
  3. Eric Panique (M)
    Genevieve Dela Pena (F)

View complete results


  1. Michael Dangca (M)
    Nhea Ann Barcena (F)
  2. Marc De Mesa (M)
    Monica Torres (F)
  3. Jayson Deuna (M)
    Rachel Zamora (F)

View complete results


  1. Runie Tiriko (M)
    Judie Joy Pasaporte (F)
  2. Brendo Pabayo (M)
    Jamilia Fernando (F)
  3. Anbert Espanola (M)
    Rowena Pico (F)

View complete results


  1. Patrick Gongob (M)
    Liza Diaz (F)
  2. Jetro Hernan Dolatre (M)
    Adjiennie Rose Delos Santos (F)
  3. Leowefred Zambrona (M)
    Chris Perez (F)

View complete results

Runpix analysis are now also available:

You may also read about my story and race review: Team Runner’s World at Globe AyalaLand Run for Home 2010 [1, 2]


Team Runner’s World at Globe AyalaLand Run for Home 2010 (Part 1: Origins)

The race that introduced timing chips to the local running scene is back, the Globe AyalaLand Run for Home 2010, this time bringing a running event, also for the first time, to the heart of the country’s financial capital, Ayala Center, Makati Central Business District.  The firsts don’t stop there—Facebook live updates were also introduced providing updates to your status as you pass each timing stations (provided you activated this feature of course).


This year saw registration fees reach all-time high and even Globe Run which used to be practically free was not spared with the trend, but as a cost effective option Globe provided discounts for group registration. Naturally the running community took this opportunity and formed groups (via and I of course joined one.  Unfortunately for me and one of my buddies our group “organizer” didn’t “organize” and we were left hanging 48 hours before deadline!  We had joined the group early and I was told that by our “organizer” as late as four days before the deadline that everything was okay, until I went to a day after when he didn’t reply to any message I sent and found out that the group was actually dissolved!  I was so dismayed that I had placed a trust to a person whom I thought was responsible (which made me realize not to easily trust anyone online without a known reputation).  He single-handedly brought down nine other runners with him (which hopefully were able to regroup) just by doing nothing.  The funny thing was that I had successfully registered two other persons with another group!  I was so ashamed with my buddy but I was thankful he had a good mindset and told me it wasn’t my fault.  He had bought a Globe Tattoo HSDPA modem that comes with a free race kit.  I dropped the idea of running Globe.

Blessing in Disguise

I was so frustrated that I hanged out at’s shoutbox to chat with friends.  Fortunately Timmy had 15 slots in total for 10K and 5K courtesy of Summit Media (publisher of Men’s Health, Women’s Health, etc.) and offered me one as he read from the forum what happened to our group.  I was really gunning for a new 21K PR then which remained untouched for ages, but as I’ve no budget for the full 21K fee I reluctantly, but thankfully, signed up for the 10K group.  Little did I know that it would be more blessing than I realize.  (Thank you Timmy for saving my race!)

No such thing as a free lunch

I asked Timmy the “catch” of our free race and when he explained it I was pleasantly surprised—the “catch” would be running as a group (same pace all throughout) while wearing Runner’s World singlets!  Woah! From tragedy to ecstasy. This would be in line with the formal launch of Runner’s World Magazine Philippines, by Summit Media of course.  Me, a Runner’s World endorser?!


It was two weeks after BDM102 and my right knee is yet recovered!  I was hoping badly that it would heal by race day but it didn’t so I was very thankful that I’m doing a 10K “only!”  I was barely able to keep up with our adiNation pilot run and doing a 10K was a real challenge.  Would I be able to keep up with my group?

Just who are these “Team Runner’s World?” Stay tuned to find out. Courtesy Tracy Carpena.

(Continued to Part 2: Race, Route, and Review)


adiNation Philippines (Ortigas Group) Pilot Run

The adiNation of Runners (aNR) Philippines is a running club with a goal to provide members with value-added training and special privileges to train and motivate them to achieve new fitness levels.  Here in Metro Manila aNR is staged initially in four locations: Ayala, Alabang, Ortigas, and Bonifacio High Street.  This program co-presented by

Exclusive privileges:

  • aNR adidas specials
  • aNR running clinics
  • Coaching advice from the running clubs
  • adidas product highlights

The pilot run of the Ortigas Group was held last night in Pearl Drive in front of the University of Asia and the Pacific, headed by Luis (The Gingerbread Report).  Although there wasn’t much publicity about the event there was a good set of runners that joined the event.

Some of the participants of the pilot run with group head Luis (white visor)

Some orientation

The Ortigas Group runs every Wednesday nights (headed by Luis, 7PM onwards) in front of UAP, and Saturday mornings (headed by Rodel “The Argonaut,” 6AM onwards) in front of Tiendesitas and would cover various routes around Ortigas Center.

aNR Ortigas Group in action...

Joining the Group Run is free and you don’t need to be adidas gears to do so.  Just drop by the assembly area before the run starts, fill up the form, and you’re done!  You also get a “passport” that your group head would sign afterwards which you should keep for future runs.  Only one signature per week thought is allowed.

You can sign-up before the start of the run

More pictures from last night’s run can be viewed here via on Facebook.  For more information about aNR Philippines visit or for the regional site visit

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