Limits Tested, Trails Endured—TNF100 Completed!

Congratulations to all TNF100 Philippines 2010 finishers particularly those in 50 and 100K!  This goes out as well to those who finished outside the cutoff—be proud of what you’ve accomplished!  And to those who weren’t as successful, the important thing is to never stop striving!

I’m especially proud of our TNF50 ladies whom not only successfully completed their campaign, some even placed within the top 10.  Placers or not, we are all winners in our own race.

Never stop exploring–The North Face

Thank you to my friends who sent their love and support from both near and afar, and thank you beautiful Baguio for your warm hospitality!  Watch out for my TNF100 story coming up soon!

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  1. Great job! Can’t wait to hear all about the race. Congrats to all other racer’s!


  2. digitaldash says:

    Congrats, Dhenz! Thanks for all your and the ultra veterans’ tips to us newbies.
    May TNF hang-over pa din ako. Haha. 😀


  3. juvy says:

    cOngrats Sir Dhenz!..i saw you when we run on 11Km in trail, I called you but you look so tired and did not notice me, but I saw on your eyes the fulfillment and success. Congrats po ulit for conquering TNF100. I’ll wait for your story.. 🙂


  4. dhenztm says:

    Thanks guys!

    @juvy: oo nga di kita napansin, puyat kase hehehe… we’e been up almost 28 hrs then with just a few snoozes


  5. yul Almayda says:

    congrats to all the runners of TNF100..finishers or not…this is my first time to run over 21km distance and im very proud to finish 13th place in the 100km ultra trail marathon..keep up the good work TNF for providing great challenge to all the runners..yul


    1. dhenztm says:

      Wow that’s great! Congratulations Yul!


  6. yul Almayda says:

    thank you po…


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