Get a Free Nature Valley Registration (Any Distance)

Want a FREE registration for the forthcoming 2010 Nature Valley Run?

Here’s how: The first three (3) persons to purchase a Score Card starting today, Wednesday, May 05, until Friday, May 07, 2010 will get a free registration in any distance of the said event.

The Score Card costs P600 which is equivalent to the registration fee for the 5K or 10K leg, and is less than the P750 for the 21K event.  Hurry! Only the first three who placed their orders will get this chance!  Place your orders here with your Name, Email, and contact number (to be kept confidential) and I’ll notify you immediately if you got the slot.  Another great deal scored from the Score Card.


This promo is now closedThank you for your support! You may still purchase the Score Card though, or if you want to get one for free please don’t hesitate to join the Score Card raffle.