34th National MILO® Marathon: Race Results (Manila Eliminations)

Whoops, there it is! The official results of last Sunday’s MILO® Marathon Manila Eliminations for the 42K, 21K, 10K, 5K, and 3K have been released, courtesy of MILO® Philippines.  To those who finished with integrity, Congratulations!

Update: Click here for the complete list of the official race results

Runner Distribution (42K, 21K, 10K)

Updated Results Statistics:
780 runners crossed the finish line for 42K; 963 for 21K; 1,079 for 10K; a staggering 9,840 for 5K; and 1,471 for 3K (kids) totaling 14,133 runners (based on published race results).

Overall Runner Distribution

* * *

Looking at the race results (42K in particular) I noticed a lot of irregularities—incomplete chip time splits.  This could mean a device failure (only in the middle of the race?) or not passing on the mat sensor (for some anomalous reasons).  If you’re one of those that have these irregularities and you know that you finished your race “with honor” please contact MILO (their Facebook account may be faster) for clarification.  I’m not saying that those who had irregularities cheated but for your name’s sake it’s better to be clear.  You don’t want to be tagged as or associated with cheaters, right?

To those who cheated, you couldn’t have picked a worse place to stage this act—the results aren’t filtered for irregularities so as long as you crossed that Finish Line and claimed to have finished your race your names are listed.  Yes, those shortcuts with skipped mat sensors do reflect in the results but the worst part of it was that your names are publicized for everyone to know!  (That’s why it’s of keen importance to inform MILO for necessary corrections)  Knowing cyberspace, once it’s out, it’s there (practically) forever!

I’m “curious” at the race results of a certain 42K “finisher” who started in the lead pack (2 seconds off between finish and chip times) and is “missing” his 37K split.  He completed his first 15K in 02:04:26 (average pace of 08:17/km or 7.23kph), 26K in 03:47:16 (11K in 01:42:50, average pace of 09:20/km or 6.42kph), and finished the entire 42K in 04:52:34 (chip time, average pace of 06:56/km or 8.65kph for the entire race).  That makes his final 16K in 01:05:18 (average pace of 04:04/km or 14.7kph)!  If you Sir can read this I sure would love to get your side of the story as any person who can maintain a four minute kilometer pace for 16 kilometers (after already running for almost four hours!) is highly competitive (Bald Runner might be looking for you!).

Knowing runners, runners are tolerant with novice runners, slower runners, and even walkers but are most intolerant with cheaters.  I’ve known of an incident like this quite some time ago and it took several marathons for that person to earn back some reputation, but to this date he/she remains to receive exoneration from some runners in the community (forgiven, possibly, but never forgotten).  And this person enjoyed some anonymity; this particular race results don’t share that luxury.  Potential cheaters beware!

Some reputable races ban people who had records of questionable conducts.  For a moment of false glory, would you trade that for your dream race?  It’s a lifetime of shame and regret for praises that were never yours to begin with. I could probably say that I have more respect to that person who finished his 10K in three hours (really?) than that who “finished” his marathon in the same time but actually completed just ¾ of it due to cheating.

I still can’t get over it, 10K in three hours?  Wow!

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  1. Julius says:

    I ran and finished the marathon in 5:19. I almost fainted along Roxas Blvd due to absence of hydration during the last 8k, but I somehow made it.

    As I was completing my 3rd loop of Macapagal (I was about three hundred meters away from the takbo.ph aid station at Star City), a green L-300 van stopped in the middle of the road and a group of about six or seven runners wearing white (i.e., 42k) race bibs alighted, shouted “salamat” to their driver, and then resumed their run. They were all grinning sheepishly as they got out of the van. They were all wearing uniform orange singlets, with some sort of logo. I wanted to ask them where they came from and whether they “took a short-cut,” but didn’t do it because nahiya ako, and I didn’t want to wrongly accuse them of anything. Pero nakaka-duda talaga e. You should have seen their facial expressions – yun bang mukhang naka-isa o naka-gulang.

    Julius (Yellowcard)


    1. dhenztm says:

      My friend who ran the 42K also mentioned the same incident as well, the same culprit, those in orange singlets with logo. Aside from that there were at least two incidents like that that I’ve heard from witnesses. Shame on them!


  2. Congrats Dhenz! Thanks for the statistics. Do you have a breakdown of how many people lacked split times in the 42K?


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thanks Noelle and Congratulations on qualifying!
      As much as I wanted to count, I had no energy left as I received news of the results past midnight hehe. I noticed that incomplete times also plagued some of our credible fast runners so the mat may also share some of the faults (too slow to catch fast runners?) so for some it was a technical issue. There are just really those with “unbelievable” splits that are too good to be true!


  3. Julius says:

    I have some free time tonight. I will analyze the 42k results, pick out the runners with *ehem* dubious stats, publish their names in my blog, and, similar to what you’ve done, challenge them to respond. Yan e, kung marunong magbasa at sumulat ang mga “marathoners” na ito. Good job, Dhenz!


    1. dhenztm says:

      It’s a bit tedious ‘coz there really are some with incomplete split times but are consistent with their pace. The obvious “anomalies” though are those with “incredible” change of pace! (Like in my case study although I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt)

      Good luck sorting out the records! Dami nyan hehe 😀


  4. nonoy721 says:

    well mabuti pa kayo, kami we are 3 runners from iloilo, kaming tatlo wala sa list of finishers. all of us finish before the cut-off, we register thru wwwexpress sabi ni mr. biscocho, we got chips, we dont know what happened. For one i make sure ako lg ang sa mat pag dumaan sa mat. well, pwede rin kami sa settlement, hehehe


    1. dhenztm says:

      Sayang naman Sir, baka pwede nyo ipa-check ulit sa race organizer kung bakit wala kayo sa results. May “Contact Us” link sa website ng MILO pati landline contact details. Kahit ako kung ako lang mag-isa pinapakinggan ko yung “beep” para alam kong nag-register sa mat yung chip ko.


  5. run unltd. says:

    Very clever analysis Dennis. I’ve said before that cheating is obvious at the milo marathon, doon nga sa old route in bonifacio meron milagro, jan pa kaya sa 3-looped course? I personally knew some of them who did it, but it stayed within me. Well milo is milo, runners will do their best to qualify for the “over-all”, the festive carbo-loading and the free ticket to the finals. But I don’t dwell at those issues (I’ve qualified twice in my two races), ang issue ko is how to improve my time for the finals, wala ako’ng mapapala diyan eh. Just my opinion.


    1. dhenztm says:

      Sila rin naman ang napahiya eh, natatawa lang ako kasi nagpahuli sila at pangalan nila ang nakasangkalan. Yun pala ang habol, libreng pagkain at karera. Ang hirap na talaga ng buhay ngayon! Tsk tsk tsk…


  6. Hi Sir,

    I understand your concern and sentiment on these alleged “cheaters”. True, I admire those who were able to finish a 42k marathon fair and square. Whenever I see 42k runners still running even if the heat of the sun is already sweltering, I doff my hat in admiration for them. I always tell myself – when can I ever be a 42k finisher? By far, I’ve done six 21Ks [Condura, Century Tuna, UNILAB, Nature Valley, Ortigas Freedom Run and Milo] fair and square with complete split times for all these races. I am doing my first 42k at CAMSUR.

    For now, congratulations for finishing your 42k and for pointing out the improbability of runners submitting a good finish time but with incomplete split times. Whatever they did to accomplish this, I will let the race organizers deal with them in future races. What matters most is that runners who did their best to finish the race are more than happy to share their simple glory with friends and family. If one cheats in a race, whom did he cheat? Not me for certain. Not even you, sir, or the organizers of the race because certainly, he is not one of those who go up the stage to receive the prize money. He only cheated himself, that’s for sure.

    See you, sir, in future races.

    Atty. J.B. Aragones


  7. Angelo says:

    I think the guy who finished 10k in 3hrs is the Foreign Runner – http://www.foreignrunner.blogspot.com/ – he registered a 10k and ran 42K. It’s in his blog.


    1. dhenztm says:

      I think you were referring to his 2008 post (32nd MILO® Marathon Finals, I too had a 10K then) 🙂


      1. Angelo says:

        Hahaha you’re right! I didn’t check the date of his post and just visited his site this week lang.

        I am a bit new to joining races and still on the shorter fun runs. One day I hope to build my distance up to run the longer ones. Still, I can’t help but feel affected about the cheating, it’s disheartening and annoying…

        If they can’t do it then why join in the first place?


  8. jy says:

    last sunday was my first 10K run since i don’t know when. is there a site where we can download our pics?


    1. dhenztm says:

      You may view/download your MILO Marathon photos courtesy of PhotoVento at http://free.photovendo.ph/


  9. Kenneth says:

    Unfortunately it did not only occur in Milo. It happens in almost every marathon. I remember people getting busted at the NY City marathon by taking the subway or taking a cab. Why they did it? Who knows. Quite frankly thats on them for cheating only themselves.


  10. I finish my 42k in 4:18:+ my friend finish in 3:35:+ but his split time in 37 k was missing pero nagkasalubong kami sa taas ng bundia fly-over.(sya pabalik sa finish line ako papunta ng last loop babalik ng finish line)nasaan ba ang 37k mark parang wala naman syang madadaanan di ba kundi takbuhin yung I think 2k pa na last loop sa baclaran at isa pa malakas talaga sya dahil sa tagal nya na sa pagtakbo at na qualify na rin sya sa milo. Para sa kaibigan kasi wala sya time sa internet dahil panay din pasok sa trabaho Di dapat sya masama sa listahan ng mandaraya O baka talaga lang di ng register yung pagdaan nya sa mat Or napagilid sya masyado kung may nakasabay sya dapat ding tingnan yun di ba.May mga naglilista naman doon sa loop ng baclaran sana lang di sila tinamad.I


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