“Is There No One Else?”

Update: This contest has ended.

“Is there no one else?”  This line is made popular by the 2004 epic war movie, Troy, starring Brad Pitt as Achilles.

Well this is just a reminder that we are entering the last few days of our Bodivance contest.  For those who have submitted their entries, THANK YOU!  You’re the brave ones who heeded to the call!  (I guess this answers the prayer of “some” of you to have as little competition as possible :D)

Prizes at stake: an 80mL bottle of Bodivance, and a shirt and a bag to go with it

You still have a few days left to submit your entries here.  I know there are a lot more whom just dropped by to read about the contest—join us!  Prizes await those who answers the challenge, I mean, the question in the contest, and those who already did practically have it in the bag!  Would you just hand over the prizes over unchallenged?  Who knows, your entry might be the winning one we’re looking for!  Good luck!


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