Timing Chips: Obsolete?!

Technology really runs fast!  I can still remember the day when ChampionChips were still the “in” thing when it comes to races in the Philippines!  Just as we’re getting used to D-Tags, now comes another tech to replace it.  Of course this innovation can only be expected from Runrio:

Here are some details about the timing card:

I think this is a great idea because if you’ve been racing a lot lately, you’d realize you already have a stockpile of D-Tags contributed to landfills (and imagine the thousands of active runners now in the Philippines!).  Because the timing card is reusable, in the long run it does help save the environment in its own little way.  Anything, big or small, if it helps reduce waste should be good, even if it doesn’t really reduce costs for us runners.

We’ve yet seen how its additional benefits would work, but as of now secure your own card while it’s free via Rexona Run.  For more information about the timing card, visit runrio.com.

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