*Gulp!* (“Pedring” and I)

Gulp—that’s my first reaction when I opened our door to leave for the office.  Had I known all the troubles I’d encounter I may have never left home!

Quickie Tour: SM Mall of Asia and its Arena

It’s been quite a while since I was last at the SM Mall of Asia, and like with other business centers in the country the development in the area is going full throttle.  Among the most prominent structures under construction is the SM Mall of Asia Arena.  Here are some pictures from my quick tour…

A Blogger Who Also Runs?!

Lately I’m starting to think that I’m not a runner who blogs, but a blogger who also runs!  Well, after almost three years of running I’ve never had a podium finish, but my posts have!

McDonald’s Philippines Nutrition Facts

At long last, McDonald’s Philippines decided to “drop the bomb” and reveal the nutrition information about the food they serve.  Caution: I guarantee you won’t be looking at that burger the same way again after reading this, so if you’re ready for the hard truth, please proceed…

The Perfect Night Run Buddy: FILA Light Laces

Isn’t technology amazing?  At first I thought it was just a set of light laces, but when I saw this video, it’s actually laces that light up! The FILA Light Lace has a SRP of ₱500 but if you’re willing to wait by October 01, 2011, you can pre-purchase it now with a shoe worth…

Marathon Training Videos

Are you joining this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore?  SCMS with Racers’ Toolbox is releasing training videos that may help you prepare for the big day.  Here’s the first of the video series: Week 1: Getting started