An “Amazing” Road Race: Ignit10n

Are you ready for a unique adventure?  Like “The Amazing Race” type of adventure?  Well, grab three more friends to form a team, and join Road Race 2011: Ignit10n.  Here are the event particulars:

Road Race is one of UP Industrial Engineering Club’s annual events for the UP IE Club Scholarship Fund, where teams of four complete challenges in a route around the metropolis, similar to the reality game show The Amazing Race.  Now on its tenth year, Road Race 2011: Ignit10n emphasizes on health and fitness through a sports-themed adventure race.

Road Race 2011: Ignit10n

When: October 08, 2011 (8AM to 7PM)
Where: Quezon City Hall


A team must consist of four (4) members with one (1) Team Captain.  To qualify, a team must consist of four physically fit and able members, who have full awareness of the nature of the race: at least one (1) must be able to bike, and at least two (2) must be able to swim.

Registration fee is ₱400 per person (total of ₱1,600 per team), inclusive of Ignit10n dri-fit shirt, race kit, and an after-party dinner.  All members must submit a photocopy of their valid photo ID for verification.

The Race

The race Ignit10n is patterned after the show “The Amazing Race,” but geared towards physical fitness and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  At every pit stop, each team will be completing physically demanding challenges that would test their limits and endurance.

The Stops

A stop consists of a challenge that each team must complete.  Clues and instructions will be given by respective event marshals at the start of the race and at the end of every successful challenge.  The team must be complete upon arrival at every pit stop before they will be granted the instructions.

The Challenges

A completed challenge allows the team to move on from one stop to the next.  Unsuccessful completion of a challenge will delay the team’s advancement to the next pit stop (time detained will be specified in each challenge clue).  Challenges may require either the whole team or a fraction of the team to participate, depending on the instructions.

Photo Sprinting

Some pit stops will require the team to take pictures while doing the task.  There should only be one designated photographer per team; the rest of the members’ faces should be seen in each picture taken.  Each team would have to bring their own camera.

Modes of Transportation

The teams are allowed to use any mode of transportation.  It is encouraged for the team to have their own vehicles.

The Prize

Each team must complete every challenge in all pit stops to qualify for the grand prize.  The winning team will be awarded ₱15,000.00.  Special prizes will also be given away.


  • A team must have a biker and at least two swimmers.  Bikes will be provided but make sure to bring your swimwear, extra clothes, etc.
  • A digital camera is required.
  • Personal vehicles are encouraged but is not required.  Public transportation costs are outside the race fees.


  • Race is rescheduled for October 08, 2011.
  • Registration is until October 04, 2011 only.
  • Race orientation will be conducted (TBA).
  • Visit www.facebook.com/Ignit10n for the complete registration procedures including online registration.  You may download the registration form here.
  • Only the first 25 teams to register will be accommodated.  Registration will only be valid upon payment.
For more information about this event, visit www.facebook.com/Ignit10n or email roadrace.ignition@gmail.com.
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About the UP IE Club Scholarship Fund

As of 2007, tuition for any of the 5-year UP Engineering programs cost ₱150,000 for the average Filipino family—a major financial challenge for most.  The UP IE Club saw a need to help bright but financially lacking UPCAT passers earn a UP diploma, and the UP IE Club Scholarship Fund was born.  Since then, the organization has been raising funds and organizing projects to realize that vision.

The UP IE Club Scholarship Fund is the organization’s way of giving back to the community and paying forward to the next generation of Filipinos.  With it, they want to help underprivileged and deserving students earn a UP degree—and a chance to help their own families and communities in turn.

The Scholarship Fund is driven entirely by its members, with funding raised by their various events.  This year, proceeds from all their events will go toward the future of their next scholar.

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