Run BGC 2011

In celebration of Bonifacio Day, Bonifacio Global City is bringing back Run BGC on November 27, 2011, but this time with a twist: by incorporating Flag Football!

Run BGC 2011

When: November 27, 2011
Where: Bonifacio Global City
Distances: 10K, 5K, 5K Flag Football, 3K, 3K Flag Football
Registration: ₱500 for 3K and 3K Flag Football, ₱600 for 5K and 5K Flag Football, ₱700 for 10K; at the following sites:

    • Bonifacio High Street
    • Shangri-la Plaza Mall
  • Toby’s
    • SM Mall of Asia
  • Planet Sports
    • Trinoma
    • Glorietta 3
  • The Athlete’s Foot
    • Robinson’s Galleria
    • Alabang Town Center


10K :
5K :
5K Football :
3K :
3K Football :


  • Race kits are not yet available upon registration.  A Race Pack Collection activity is scheduled from November 23 to 25 at Bonifacio High Street for the release of the BGC Run race kits.

* * * * *

Yes, you read it right, flag football.  Aside from the regular 10K, 5K, and 3K routes, one may opt for 5K or 3K race with flag football.  But first, here’s flag football in a nutshell:

Flag football is a game of run and catch with which the purpose is for one team (offense) to cover a full field distance and cross the Football at the “End zone” at opposite end of the field, from which the first play was initiated.  It is a derivative of the popular game of American Full Contact Football popularized by the National Football League (NFL).  Flag Football takes away the contact aspect by implementing the use of “Flag Belts”, that when pulled would signify a “Tackle” or play stoppage.

Courtesy RunRio

Don’t worry as you won’t be doing a game of “real” flag football.  Here’s how flag football will be incorporated with this event:

Courtesy RunRio

  • Runner/Participant wears the Flag
  • Quarterback (QB)/passer says “GO!”
  • Participant runs 5 yards (marked by a cone) stops and catches the ball thrown to him/her
  • Participant then runs to the “End zone” 50 yards way and trying to avoid the Flag Football Defenders
  • Upon reaching the “End Zone”, the participant will be directed to run back to the start thru the “RETURN LANE” located at the outmost side of the Field
  • Participant then takes off the Flag Belt and returns the Football to be re-issued to the next people in line
  • Those done with the course exit the “Flag Football Course” and continue with the race issued with their corresponding “Bands” signifying whether or not a participant incurred a penalty during the course


  • In case a ball is uncaught/dropped, the participant will need to pick up the ball then proceed with the course.  Although, he/she will automatically be marked as having a “BALL DROP PENALTY.”
  • In case any one (1) of the participant’s two Flags are pulled, he/she will need to ask for the Flags from the defender, re-attach them and continue thru the course.  The participant would then be marked as having a “FLAG PULL PENALTY.”
  • Penalties and band equivalent:
    • Ball Drop =  1 Penalty = 1 Band
    • Flag Pulled = 1 Penalty = 1 Band
    • Ball Drop & Flag Pull = 2 Penalties = 2 Bands
    • Complete = No Penalties = 3 Bands
    • Discontinued = Zero Band
  • Bands and time deductions:
    • One (1) band = time deduction of 5 seconds from the final time
    • Two (2) bands = no time deduction
    • Three (3) bands = time deduction of 10 seconds from the final time
    • Zero (0) bands = runner not qualified for podium finish plus additional 30 seconds








This is another quite interesting event to break the monotony of typical road races.   For more information about this event, visit runrio.com.

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