Powerade Ion4, the Complete Sports Drink Launched

Last February 1, 2012, all roads led to Whitespace Events Hall in Makati City, as a much-anticipated revolution officially began; a Hydration Revolution led by the Complete Sports Drink, New POWERADE ION4® with Advanced Electrolyte System and four of the country’s elite athletes: multi-awarded runner and coach, Rio Dela Cruz, top fitness maven Chinggay Andrada, champion basketball player David Semerad and international football player, Neil Etheridge.

Altogether, the power-packed dream team met with Philippines’ top names in sports and fitness along with media partners to share a history-making day filled with no less than the biggest of surprises; all of which to welcome a new age in hydration and fuel replenishment. The masterminds behind this revolution? Quality makers of the world’s most successful beverage brands, The Coca-Cola Company.

Once again, it is raising the bar by launching a breakthrough sports drink perfected through years of research and field testing- new POWERADE ION4®. This innovative product boasts of a new and upgraded formula trusted by top sportsmen across the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Now, it has finally come to the Philippines to rouse everyone to complete their game.

“Athletes and the growing population of sports and fitness enthusiasts in the Philippines are ready to level their game up.  Some tend to believe that the way to do this is by buying the latest sports gears and equipment. But we must remember that our most important gear is our own body. We need to make sure to properly take care of our ‘inner gear’. And thus, in order to achieve our goals, we need a hydration partner that provides us with the essential things we need in order to perform better. Other sports drinks only have two ions. This new formula has four. POWERADE ION4 ® is complete with the 4 electrolytes in the same ratio typically lost in sweat. That is why we are bringing new Powerade Ion4 in the country- to empower you to complete your game with the complete sports drink,” says Teejae Sonza, Group Brand Manager for Hydration, Coca-Cola Philippines.

Powerade Ion4

What makes it the complete sports drink? New POWERADE ION4® helps replenish water and the four key electrolytes typically lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and provide carbohydrate fuel for your muscles. POWERADE ION4® encourages the body to absorb fluid and maintain fluid balance. Carbohydrates are replaced as well, supplying your working muscles with fuel, helping you sustain mental and physical performance as you exercise. To help you fight off dehydration, POWERADE ION4®doesn’t switch your thirst receptors off prematurely. It keeps you feeling thirsty until you’re properly rehydrated.

When sweating, the body loses more than just water. It loses essential electrolytes, which are important in exercise. The importance of each was reviewed by The American College of Sports Medicine, American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada and it was learned that: Sodium is a critical electrolyte, which helps you sweat effectively and aids in muscle contraction; Potassium, on the other hand, is important in the overall energy metabolism; Third of the four key ions is calcium, which essential for overall bone metabolism; Lastly, magnesium plays a vital role in regulating cardiovascular and neuromuscular functions to sustain your performance. Drinking POWERADE ION4®, completely packed with these four vital ions, is the an effective way to replace fluid and fuel losses.

The grand unveiling for The Complete Sports drink was of course complete with exciting activities. Upon arriving, guests were ushered into a lighted tunnel, which led to the main floor. Once everyone’s in, the surrounding curtains opened up to reveal the Powerade Ion4 booths, four sports and fitness kiosks that presented the challenge to sweat it out and discover just why they should start the big switch to be complete. Sports announcer Paolo Trillo guided participants as they tried out the games and all through the day’s fun fare.

The host, Paolo Trillo

In no time, the main stage lighted up to signal the reveal of POWERADE ION4® and its new, unmatched league of brand ambassadors who made quite a powerful entrance. One by one, they brought each of the four ions found in Powerade Ion4 to life and “fluidly” emerged from the screens, leaving partakers in awe. Once onstage, the POWERADE ION4® symbol was completely formed, revealing the sports drink that shall revolutionize the way we hydrate, train, perform and conquer greater challenges.

Neil Etheridge, who wasn’t able to join the unveiling due to current trainings as a new member of the Fulham team, left a special message for everyone and a promise to come back soon and power up upcoming sporting events of the brand.

“It’s a pleasure to be selected by Powerade Ion4 to be one of its ambassadors with fellow Filipino athletes. It’s always important to keep getting better. You have to keep trying to improve and be complete. Every single time you step on the field you want to be your best so I always choose the best equipment; the best, complete hydration partner. Hopefully with Powerade Ion4, I get to be one of the world’s best,” says Neil. The 21-year old football star is the first Filipino to play for a team in the English Premier League—and possibly the first Southeast Asian to achieve such feat.

Powerade Ion4 brand ambassadors (left to right): Coach Rio Dela Cruz, Chinggay Andrada, and David Semerad. Missing in this shot is Neil Etheridge.

In her speech, Sonza proudly declares: “We have selected these exceptional individuals to represent POWERADE ION4® for very obvious reasons. We all know they are not only on top of their game, they are also all well-admired achievers. But most of all, they know their respective sports by heart and are very much passionate in improving and achieving further. They would never settle for anything less than complete. That’s the kind of attitude and spirit our brand has. It is always up for greater challenges and it always aims to gain complete power. With them, we have a dream team.”

With their expert know-how in their respective sport and on the importance of proper hydration, the four will lead the nation, hardcore athletes and casual sportsmen alike, to conquer their athletic ambitions and step their game up with the help of Powerade Ion4’s improved formulation.

Powerade Ion4 is available in Mountain Blast, Orange Burst and Silver Charge in the new easy-grip 500mL bottles. The Mountain Blast and Silver Charge variants are also available in sports caps, perfect for rehydrating during exercise. Powerade is a trusted partner of many sports organizations in the country and the world. In fact, it is the official hydration partner of the 2012 Olympic athletes in London.

Powerade’s new flavor, Silver Charge (foreground) is now my new favorite 🙂

New Upgraded Formula. Powerade ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System. Go for the Complete Sports Drink. To learn more about this breakthrough product, go to the Powerade ION4 Facebook Fan Page and/or follow @PoweradePH on Twitter.

* Words by Powerade

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