In for Review: Yurbuds Ironman Inspire

A new brand of earphones has just entered the Philippine market designed for sports and fitness enthusiasts like myself, and it’s called Yurbuds.  I’ve been lucky to have the chance to try one for review: the Ironman Inspire model, watch out for my review soon!

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire

If you’re wondering, yes, that’s an Ironman logo!  But aside from the “bragging rights” factor of that logo, probably its most unique feature is its patented ear-lock technology:

Amazing, right?  I admit I’m really excited to do this review!  But until then, here’s a background on Yurbuds:

Music helps athletes get through the most intense workouts.  Research shows that it even improves over all performance.  There is nothing more frustrating than having your ear buds constantly falling out while exercising.

The company Yurbuds understands this frustration.  They are athletes who make producs for athletes.  Seth Burgett and Richard Daniels, A triathlete and 24 time marathoner respectively, developed this innovative product as a result of their own negative experiences with earbud style headphones that just wouldn’t stay in, hurt their ears, and provided poor sound quality.  After an intense half-ironman training that left his ears aching more than his body, Burgett, an entrepreneur background in medical devices knew he could solve this problem.  The resulting product, YURBUDS®

Yurbuds® are ultra soft earbuds that are guaranteed not to fall out.  Through careful and extensive research, the Yurbuds sport earphone was developed to match the contour of the human ear without creating pain points.  Their ultra-soft comfort fit and patented TwistLock technology provides the wearer with exceptional sound and stays put under the most vigorous conditions.

The good news is that Yurbuds® has landed in the Philippines and Filipinos can now experience this amazing product first hand.  The February rollout features four models from the Ironman® series of earphones: the Focus, Endure, Inspire, and Inspire Pro.  Yurbuds is now available in Planet Sports, Runnr, Rudy Project, Chris Sports, Power Mac Center, The AShop, Mobile One, IGig Center, Switch, Gadgets in Style, Riovana, Electronics Boutique, The Brick, Primo Cycles, and Sabak.

Please visit us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cascos-Inc/175495055884423 for more information and announcements on Yurbuds®.  You may also visit www.yurbuds.com.

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* Yurbuds Ironman Inspire earphone unit for review provided by Cascos Inc., the official distributor of Yurbuds™ earphones in the Philippines.


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