Thorlos Socks Launched in the Philippines

One of the premium sports socks brand in the US has been launched recently in the local market and is one of the very few global pure socks brands in the Philippines.  Thorlos socks promises to go beyond merely “covering” your feet and instead go for preventive foot health.

From Thorlos FAQs:

People spend a lot of time and money to keep their skin healthy, their hair shiny, their teeth cavity-free and they take vitamins to be healthy, but the feet are always neglected.  People cram their feet into shoes with ‘ordinary socks’ and continue to complain about foot pain.  Thorlos has kept the guaranteed promise and consumers’ feet will feel better.  Thorlos was the first hosiery product awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  The brand’s commitment is to help the public become more aware that foot pain is preventable at a relatively low cost.

Shoes protect your feet only from the ground or surface, but they cannot adapt to the uniqueness of people’s feet because no two feet are exactly alike the same way that you need different socks for different shoes.  You must remember that you need protection from the shoe itself and address other factors like moisture, pressure, shear, circulation, temperature and posture to which your feet are exposed.  Specific Thorlos socks are scientifically designed to protect your feet from these destructive forces while the common socks are just ‘covering your feet.’

Each pair of Thorlos socks uses the highest quality material and the production has been supervised meticulously.  Pairs last at least 10 years and some even go as high as 20 years (worn years, not including shelf years).

Thorlos is not just a product but a solution/prevention to foot problems.  Thorlos provides a high quality, low-cost solution to an old recurring problem to populations worldwide—foot pain.  When a consumer continues to pay a premium price, this demonstrates that consumers know Thorlos socks are bargains and the prices are deserved compared to the money to be spent on recovery and downtime due to injuries caused by poor foot health not to mention regular purchases of easily worn-out socks.

Some of the key products of Thorlos for running

Thorlos is on a premium price segment, but if it could prevent injuries and it’d last you 10, 20 years then it’s definitely worth every penny!  Aside from their moderate and thin cushion running socks, they also have the lightweight Experia and the gender-specific 84N for the sport, and of course more designs and styles designed for other sports or activities.

Thorlos is currently available in 21 stores around Metro Manila.  For more information about their products visit Thorlos Philippines on Facebook or thorlosphilippines.com.

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