Cebu Lechon Chronicles: Historic Tour

For my last day in Cebu it was a must for me to revisit the sites I wasn’t able to visit the last time I was here, and the first one on top of my head was of the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.  Since the location is in the vicinity of historic sites, a historic tour it is for my last day in Cebu.

Ready to head out...

First thing on my agenda was checking out of my hotel and checking in into my gym where I can safely leave my things (thank you once again, Fitness First Ayala Center Cebu!).  Since I was then pretty much mobile, a big lunch was in store to prep me with my tour ahead.

Cebu City skyline in front of Ayala Center Cebu

My friends were already on their way to the airport so for the rest of the day I’d be travelling solo.  Eating solo could be a bit of a problem in Cebu since food portions are normally for share!  Because of this my selection was really frustrating, until I found Big Mao which had servings for lone travelers like myself.  Note though that eating solo doesn’t necessarily mean eating less. 😀

Appetizers: chicharon, again pork 🙂

Main course: fish fillet

Spring rolls again

Then along came the siomai and this was how pretty much lunch looked like 😀

After that big lunch I was off for Magellan’s Cross.  This site is pretty much frustrating to photograph with a point and shoot as it’s very difficult to capture in one frame the ceiling décor.  Now I’m back with a vengeance sporting my 16mm F2.8 lens.

Yes, it was high noon!

I was unable to capture this entire ceiling before 😀

Front view of the cross

Magellan’s Cross is just behind the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño and likewise quite a challenge to capture because the narrow space in front of it does not give enough space to frame it properly.  I may have wide-angle lens but it did not make it any easier.  After giving thanks for a safe and blessed trip, here are some of my snapshots:

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

Beautiful big door

Inside the Basilica

The altar with the miraculous Sto. Niño of Cebu

Closer view

Landscape view

Some history of the Basilica

On to the tour…

Just behind the Basilica and Magellan’s Cross is Cebu City Hall

A wee bit farther is the Malacañan of Cebu

The huge trees in Plaza Independencia in front of Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro is much like Fort Santiago in the city of Manila but at a much smaller scale.  It is the smallest with just an area of 2,025 square meters but is the oldest triangular bastion fort in the country built in 1738.  Not much to see inside but since I was there on a Monday, it’s a great place to just relax.

Do I need to caption this? 😀

Inside the walls

One of the historic items inside its mini museum

Nice place to just rest and relax

Going up the walls

I wonder if they still work

I don’t know if there’s a field trip that day, but there sure are a lot of artists doing their sketches that day

Another view of practically the entire fort

Some historical background on the fort

Heading out

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi Monument


Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

I just found their lights interesting

Inside the Cathedral

The Cathedral Museum

An obelisk marking the oldest street in the Philippines, Colon

Heritage of Cebu: one of the most difficult sites to capture...

...because it is three-dimensional...

...and it is so hard to find an angle

I had quite some time after my tour but not enough to roam around other places so I simply decided to return back to Ayala Center Cebu.  And for the first time in all of my short haul travels, I was actually able to squeeze in a gym session!  It kind of eases the guilt brought by non-stop eating the past few days.  And since I was in Ayala Center Cebu, I guess you can predict what my last meal in Cebu was—

Lechon. What else? 😀

I really love this second trip of mine to Cebu this year!  My previous two visits were all around the Sinulog Festival so you see the city with its best foot forward.  With this return I got to see the city in its “normal” state, without all the festivities, without all the sugar coats—the “real” side of the city.  This was the side of Cebu I fell in love with during the first visit, and I’m so glad to see that side again.

Don’t forget your “pasalubong!” (Dried green mangoes are my favorite :P)

Lounging at Cebu-Mactan International Airport while waiting for my flight 🙂

Thank you Cebu for the unbelievable hospitality and the ever great food!  I hope to have another chance to return soon!

3 Responses to “Cebu Lechon Chronicles: Historic Tour”

  1. 2013-10-15 at 4:17 PM

    Hi Dennis, Hope all is well, we will use your skyline photo to illustrate the aftermath of earthquake in Cebu that affects the BPO industry, hope its ok we will not cropped the watermark and we will attribute it to you. will send the link when it is up. please let us know, it is for a photo illustration after this devastating earthquake that hits the Visayas, specially Bohol and Cebu. Thanks and God bless.

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