Hyundai Run for a Cause 2012

One of the most fun races last year and one of the most awaited races this year is back!  Who haven’t heard of Hyundai Run for a Cause?  It’s possibly the only free race in the country that comes with a cause.

To bring forth back some memories, last year’s Hyundai Run for a Cause drew some 24,000 participants from all walks of life, primarily because it’s free!  This year this free race is back, expanding the race to accommodate around 26,000 participants.  But aside from running for free, did you know that each non-paying participant is also contributing to a charity?  Yes, each participant isn’t only running for free, they are also running for a cause!  So not only can you brag that you’re into running, you can brag that you are actually running for something.

Hyundai at the forefront of social change. At last year’s Hyundai RUN for a Cause were (L-R) HARI Chairman Edward S. Go; Korean Ambassador HE Lee Hye-Min; HARI Chairman Emeritus Richard Lee; Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez; Richard Gomez; HARI President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo; Gawad Kalinga Founder Antonio Meloto; St. Scholastica Prioress Sister Mary John Mananzan; and Hyundai Motor Company Asia and Pacific Regional Headquarters General Manager Kee Moon Kang.

As expected though, registration drew to a close faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious which could possibly make it the race with the fastest registration in the country, closing within an hour or two after opening!  So why am I still talking about it?  It’s simply because Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) wants to emphasize that this race is more than “just” a free race, it’s about the cause:

  • Education
  • Community Development
  • Filipino Heritage and Pride
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Road Safety and Responsible Car Ownership
  • Youth Development through Sports
  • Women and Children’s Rights
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Whichever one you picked, be it on your own free will or merely just to register, your participation counts so you can be proud to be part of something bigger and is actually running for a cause.

* * * * *

 To those curious minds out there, here are some FAQs about Hyundai Run for a Cause:

Why did you come up with a fun run?

We want to engage our stakeholders in one unifying and memorable event, and generate awareness of HARI’s corporate social commitment to nation building.  We want to contribute in a concrete and sustained way to enhancing the quality of life of Filipinos by championing environment protection, community development, and economic growth.  We chose foundations that share our advocacy and which have had a consistent track record in the said areas, like Gawad Kalinga, HARIBON Foundation and St. Scholastica’s Priory.  We simply want to bring together the greatest number of people to support the causes that are closest to our heart in a fun way, and that is why joining this RUN is totally free.  Anyone, from all walks of life, can join and express his or her support for one’s favorite cause (or causes).

How do you gauge the success of the first RUN?

It showcased Hyundai’s commitment to make a difference in our customer’s lives by offering them a special, memorable experience.  The RUN was well-received by the public and quickly gathered over 24,000 running enthusiasts, health buffs, young and not-so-young people from all walks of life, including members of the diplomatic, political and showbiz communities.  It was inspiring to see entire families, with their young kids, join the run and afterwards bond over their packed meals under the shade of Rizal Park’s trees.

It was our first time to promote it through the social network and did not expect literally a sea of runners to show up at Luneta at dawn of April 2, 2011 at the historic Quirino Grandstand.

The RUN showcased Hyundai’s way of going down to the details of every endeavor that we organize.  And this created another favorable buzz on the Net.  For example, we made it a point to make the RUN organized, safe, and comfortable for the participants.  We made it easy and convenient for them to pick up their free running kits in advance.  During the RUN, we had on hand: 100 professional medics; 50 roving medics; 14 medic stations; 14 ambulances; 5 K9s; 75 Metro Aides; 200 start/finish line personnel; 500 route marshals; 150 police traffic enforcement officers; 2 fire trucks and 12 fire fighters; 126,000 bottled water; and 100 portalets.

Will we be expecting anything new in this year’s RUN?

We are now supporting eight causes, from the four we had last year.  This means we have expanded our CSR mission and chosen new beneficiary foundations that champion education and sports development, women and children’s rights, and the preservation of important local heritage sites.  There will be more interaction with these foundations during and after the RUN.  We will set up tents for representatives of each foundation to talk with the runners, share their respective visions for a better Philippines, and even have people sign up on-the-spot for future volunteer activities.

Last year, we showcased Hyundai’s advocacy for road safety and held short seminars on road safety and responsible motoring for people who were interested—and many were indeed interested to learn from Hyundai’s Car Wellness Campaign.  The Hyundai Car Wellness Campaign consists in making every Hyundai car owner a responsible one by keeping one’s car in tip-top shape, and therefore safe to transport one’s family anytime, anywhere and everywhere.  This year, we shall push the envelope of road safety and responsible car ownership further in conjunction with the Department of Transportation and Communication’s celebration of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Finally, the public will be treated to the launch of the all-new Hyundai EON.  The EON falls under the “small car” category and will appeal to a new generation of car owners who are sensible and discerning in their mobility needs.  We expect the EON to exceed expectation in no-frills city driving.

Why is an automotive firm giving much importance to corporate social responsibility?

Being a good corporate citizen makes good business sense.  First, involving our major stakeholders, employees, our dealers and their employees, and our customers in a meaningful cause takes them out of the four walls of their offices and view the world from a different perspective.  Thus, they would be inspired to become, not just excellent professionals, but also and more importantly, mature and responsible individuals–people who will help advance the business in new ways.  And, as the business grows, we open up more job opportunities to a greater number of Filipinos, and so contribute to the country’s overall economic progress.

Second, from the onset of HARI ten years back, we committed ourselves to be responsible members of the community that welcomed us and helped us grow into what we are now—from zero ranking to the third-ranking auto brand in the Philippines.  Hyundai Motor Company in Korea itself takes pride in being a global company bent on building a happier world for all.  That is why every Hyundai distributorship the world over has launched humanitarian projects tailor-fit to the needs of the people whose lives they touch: from youth and sports advocacy as a high profile partner of the FIFA World Cup, to Hyundai Motor America’s “Hope On Wheels,” which supports research on children’s cancer, to Korea’s “Three Leafed Clovers” which assists children whose families suffered from road accidents.

Here in the Philippines, HARI has been a fearless driver of social mobility, rallying friends and supporters from Government and the private sectors (which has now become a buzzword, Public-Private Partnerships, or PPP) to empower our less privileged brothers—to help them help themselves and stand proud, ready to join us in building a strong and economically sustainable nation.  In doing so, we hope to reap a new generation of Hyundai employees from the families and communities that we help and/or help sustain small businesses that will provide for our corporate needs. Consider what we did with the Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation (GK-CSI) last Christmas.  Our premium corporate giveaways were made by small entrepreneurs of the GK-CSI in Bulacan.

It is our hope that activities like this RUN will inspire and generate a change in business mindsets: shifting from just going for the bottomline of an excellent sales performance to fostering a genuine spirit of social entrepreneurship, a culture of caring and sharing that, as explained earlier, actually boosts business growth and performance.  We hope to create a new generation of thought leaders who will take on the challenge of fostering good corporate citizenship on a wider scale and shaping a culture of genuine caring and cooperation for social and economic advancement.

* * * * *

For more information about this event, visit facebook.com/hyundairunforacause.

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