When Nike Meets the Mario Bros. (Nike+ Training: Game On, World)

What happens when Nike enters the world of the Mario Bros.?  I guess it would be something like this:

This video is part of Nike’s new campaign Game On, World introducing a slew of new products under the Nike+ Training umbrella.  As a runner, saying that I’m excited with the arrival of Nike LunarTR1+ would be an understatement, but seeing how “hi-tech” this system has become, you better have some serious “dedication” to afford it (and you need an iPhone).  See the setup video here.

Nike LunarTR1+

Other shoes in the lineup include the Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+ and the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012+.

Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+

Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012+

Cool. 😀

And because these shoes are so “smart” it may help you train like some of the world famous elite athletes, like our very own Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao performs a crossover jump rope in the Nike LunarTR1+ shoe.  The Nike LunarTR1+ shoe captures reps, NikeFuel and calories and transmits that information to a user’s phone in real time.  Each athlete features his or her own drill pack, which provides challenges and daily workouts guided by that particular athlete.  Training is about to change.  (Nike)

If you got dough to shell out, I envy you because these are probably the most technically savvy sets of trainers available to the public!  If this does not motivate you to be better, I don’t know what will!  (Since I don’t have an iPhone and the funding, maybe I’ll just stick to my minimalist shoes :D)

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