What’s New with Yurbuds?

The Ironman-inspired product by athletes for athletes, Yurbuds, had just expanded their product line in the Philippines.  Here are their latest lineups:

Endure Pro (SRP ₱3,000)

Endure Pro (SRP ₱3,000)

The Yurbuds Endure Pro is for fitness enthusiasts who prefer a sport earphone that provides behind the ear support.  The ear loops are made from a soft, comfortable silicone, so that they never cause discomfort.  They are flexible and securely wrap your ears rather than hang heavily.  It sports a 3-button control and dry mic which allow convenient navigation of music during rigorous activity, as well as hands-free calls—even during extended use.

Ironman Series Armband (SRP ₱1,200)

Ironman Series Armband (SRP ₱1,200)

The Yurbuds Ironman Series Armband is made of a lightweight, flexible Neoprene fabric that ensures a comfortable, snug fit.  The reflective coating is designed to allow for increased visibility at night.  The armband features a two loop construction for use on arms of all sizes.  The screen cover is made of a water resistant, heat-sensing material that allows operation of a touch-screen device while in the armband.  The armband is designed for use with the iPhone and fourth generation iPod Touch, but is compatible with many other devices.

Inspire (SRP ₱2,500) and Inspire Pro (SRP ₱3,000)

Inspire (SRP ₱2,500) and Inspire Pro (SRP ₱3,000)

The bestselling Inspire with Kevlar wires now comes in Black, Blue, and Pink, while the Inspire Pro which comes with volume controls and dry mic now comes in white.

Yurbuds can be found in the following outlets: Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, Runnr, R.O.X., Riovana, Rudy Project, Chris Sports, Power Mac Center, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Beyond the Box, Mobile One, Electronics Boutique, The A Shop, IGIG Center, Nothing But H2O, and other specialty shops around Metro Manila.

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