Garmin’s $130 GPS Watch: Forerunner® 10

I really can’t believe it!  Garmin finally came out with a $130 GPS watch!  Sure there are sub-$100 GPS watches out there, but we’re talking Garmin here!

Naturally, I do not have an actual unit for testing (no matter how hard I wish I had! :D) so I’d be referring you to a guru for his review of Garmin Forerunner® 10 (to keep it short, let’s just call it GF10).  From what I digest, it is really targeted for beginners not only because of the price, but also of its run/walk feature (which isn’t even on my GF405!).  Of course more advanced runners may also use the GF10 but the five (5) hour battery life in training mode could be a bit too short for them.  Here are my thoughts on the FR10:


  • $130 price (coupled with the weak USD exchange rate as of press time, its price in PHP is cheap!)
  • Advanced features (Walk/Run, Auto Lap, Auto Pause, and Virtual Pacer)
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters (yes, you can swim with it!)
  • Garmin’s renowned GPS accuracy
  • Compact size (comes in his and hers model)
  • Downloadable GPS workouts
  • Garmin Connect


  • 5-hour training mode
  • Different his/hers charging cable
  • No ANT+ (effectively, no supported accessories)
  • Some software limitations

Since my GF405 was out of service, I am in the market for a cheaper alternative, and so far GF10 has the best overall value for me.  First, it comes from Garmin; second, it’s $130 (which is less than ₱5,500 as of August 29, 2012); and third, it has just about all the features I normally use with my GF405!  The 5-hour training mode limit was actually the only let down for me as it would practically allow me to do only a sub-5 hour full marathon (42.195K) at the longest!  But if you’re just starting to run and don’t have the need or the budget to buy the more advanced GPS watches in the market (or do not imagine running for that long at one time), then I would recommend the FR10.  That’s of course an honest opinion coming from a Garmin Forerunner user myself (and no, this is not a paid post by Garmin!).  In a lot of aspect, it’s even better than my GF405!  (Click here for my review of Garmin Forerunner® 405)

Shopping Tip: Buy directly from the US!  Chances are the cost of the watch with shipping and handling to the Philippines is a lot cheaper than buying it locally.  Some online stores even ship to the Philippines for free if you meet a certain cost.

For more information on Garmin Forerunner® 10, visit sites.garmin.com/forerunner10.

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