LIVESTRONG Day Philippines 2012

From LIVESTRONG Day Philippines:

In the Philippines, cancer is the third leading cause of death.  Yet there are very little cancer prevention programs or consciousness programs.  What does this mean?  With little awareness or concern, for your relative, friend, officemate or you, this may mean, recognizing it too late, diagnosing too late or less chances of surviving.  In the Philippines, cancer survival rates are low.

Team Philippines Benefitting LIVESTRONG works to change these facts because we know we live in a society where change can easily be done.  But we just need your support.  In our society, spreading knowledge is about creating the numbers, coming together as one group of individuals who empower each other, and demand change.  Think about your friend or family member, or that story you heard from someone else—those people who have faced cancer, are fighting cancer or whose lives were forever changed by cancer.  They are the people we are coming together for.

Every year, Lance Armstrong celebrates his induction into cancer on October 2nd.  Team Philippines, supports this organization because we believe that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is one that attacks cancer holistically.  The fight is not only about the research or the medication.  It is about the people who are fighting, their families who are strong and struggling, the lifestyles that keep us healthy and cancer-free and the awareness that we need to take action.

This year, we will hold the Philippine event on October 21st, a Sunday.  It is a bike and run event designed to unite, inspire and empower people affected by cancer as well as to promote the need for healthy lifestyles.  The proceeds of which will support local projects that furthers the advocacies of LIVESTRONG.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation was founded in 1997 by Lance, whose mission is to inspire and empower people affected by cancer, to unite people to fight cancer through programs, experiences, taking aim at the gap between what is known and what is done, for cancer prevention, providing access to screening and care, research—to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors—that you must not let cancer take control of it.

The annual event is now known as LIVESTRONG Day Philippines, hosted by Circulo Verde, an Ortigas & Company development in Calle Industria, Quezon City.  Thankfully, we are not alone in this fight.  Organizations like the Ortigas & Company have been gracious in extending their support.  This support helps offset the costs associated with the event day, but also generates donations that we turnover to local cancer foundations.  This also means that participants of the event enjoy some token items at the activity areas.   Aside from Circulo Verde supporting us, we have Makati Medical Center, Go Nattural Corporation’s Ampalaya Plus, Booster C energy shots, Gold’s Gym, MyTAG, San Miguel Beer, Dunkin Donuts, Manila Water, Enduro & Trifemme Sports, Multisport magazine, BikeBros, LoopBikers, PasigMTB, mtb.ph, the Pasig City Running Club, and Multiply.com for our online all-mode payment portal.

Because we want the support to continue year-round, at the event we also engage activities aimed at raising funds to cover event expenses.  Through the sale of jerseys and merchandise, can we be able to fund the event.  Personal donations are also welcome because these are personal actions that unite us against the fight.  In 2011, the event was 3000 strong, this year we hope for more.  Coming together empowers, it is our strength.  It reminds us that we are not alone in this fight and there are many others that need our support.

Last year, Team Philippines Benefitting LIVESTRONG asked the Philippines to imagine their world without cancer.  This year, we ask for your strength.  We believe that coming together, fighting as an entire society gives strength.  We encourage everyone to come.  We believe that Unity is Strength.

See us at www.livestrongdayph.com for registration and other event details, or email us at livestrongdayph@gmail.com.

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