Beware of Discount Sites!

It’s very rare that I blog about personal experiences here that isn’t related to running, but lately a discount site had gotten me so ticked off that I deemed it worthy of a post.  If you’re using discount sites like I do, I suggest you read on.

This is about a site called yourdealishere.com.  I’ve never heard of this site before so I was surprised that my personal email (which I almost exclusively use for business purposes only) was subscribed in their mailing list.  I don’t know if some other websites are selling email to third party sites, but nonetheless they got a hold of my email and subscribed me without permission.

I am a fan of discount sites but I do keep my trust around “reputable” ones.  This was after my officemate’s friend was a victim of a fake travel deal from a shady discount site.  I’m not sure if they were able to get their money back by now, but what concerned me was that I actually saw that site and deal before the incident, and I too was subscribed to their newsletters without my permission.  If a website has questionable ways of getting subscribers, you have to be more cautious if you’re giving them money, right?  And looking back, my hunch was right on not trusting that site.

I was really reluctant on “unsubscribing” from their newsletters (since I didn’t really subscribe in the first place) but since I saw they had a website and contact info which made them look like “real,”, I took a risk and did just that.  I almost fell from my seat when I read the email they sent after I did:

You have been unsubscribed from our newsletters and you will receive confirmation by email soon.

“You have been unsubscribed from our newsletters and you will receive
confirmation by email soon.” – say what?

Wow!  I’m flabbergasted!  I have to wait for them to confirm my removal from newsletters?!

But wait, there’s more!  They actually did send a “confirmation.”  This one really triggered this blog post.  Here’s the actual email message:

From: Your Deal Is Here (reservations@yourdealishere.com)
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 5:57:04 AM

Goodbye from our Newsletter, sorry to see you go.

You have been unsubscribed from our newsletters.

This is the last email you will receive from us. We have added you to our
"blacklist", which means that our newsletter system will refuse to send
you any other email, without manual intervention by our administrator.

If there is an error in this information, you can re-subscribe:
please go to http://yourdealishere.com/lists/?p=subscribe and follow the

Thank you

What the…?!  It actually sounded like I’m the one that offended them that lead them to include me in their “blacklist!”  Gee, thanks!

I’m not saying that this website is a sham, but given what they did to disturb my peaceful online existence, I would strongly encourage anyone doing business with them to exercise utmost caution.  There are many trust-worthy discount sites out there, you don’t have to deal with every one that comes your way.


If you happen to visit their contact page, the email they provide is reservations@eaglepointresort.com.ph.  I wonder how I can get their feedback if it’s the reservations of another website?

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