Trail Preview: Waldorf Trail Run at Timberland Heights

Last December 08, 2012, Manila Waldorf School invited running bloggers and some members of the media to have a sneak peek of the trails that their forthcoming Waldorf Trail Run at Timberland Heights will be using.  Here are some shots from the 3K trails.

The view of Metro Manila from Timberland Sports and Nature Club

It was an early Saturday morning when we left Metro Manila for Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal.  Despite having just about an hour of sleep I was really excited with this trip as I always look forward to returning to Timberland Heights.  It’s very close to Metro Manila, it has excellent trails for both running and biking, and it has spectacular views!  It also has first class amenities in its Sports and Nature Club so you have the best of nature and comfort in one area.

Going up the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal

Timberland Heights

While the Waldorf Trail Run may not be the first trail run event to be held in Timberland, it features new trails that have never been used before, and some of which may never be used again because of the continuous development of the area.  And since you have trails that go through the mountains, it’s anything but boring!  The trails of Timberland Heights are one of my favorites, and one of the most picturesque ones I’ve ever seen anywhere, so if you’re running here for the first time I strongly suggest you bring along your cameras.

The starting line is near where the paved road ends

Manila Waldorf School is located just before you enter the trails

Entering the trails

The 3K route uses a “Green Zone” level bike trails

Testing the trails

Travel Tip: If you’re visiting Timberland Heights, make sure to try the famous Ensaymada from the Sports and Nature Club.  It now costs ₱55 for the regular and ₱60 for the chocolate variant, but it’s absolutely worth every penny!  Perfect recovery food after running the trails.

The bike trails of Timberland Heights are
IMBA-certified and features various difficulties:
○ White Circle: Easiest
Green Circle: Easy
Blue Square: More Difficult
♦ Black Diamond: Very Difficult
♦♦ Double Black Diamond: Extremely Difficult

More trails…

“Pic-stop” 😀

Kinda looks like an entrance to another world 🙂

Almost back to where we started

Timberland Sports and Nature Club (left) with
Metro Manila on the background

Since Timberland Heights isn’t that accessible via public transport, the organizers of Waldorf Trail Run are arranging for transport services for participants of the event.  Also since the event is a trail run make sure to register early as slots are very limited.  For more information about this event, please visit waldorftrailrun.wordpress.com.

Upon exiting the trails, you are greeted with this
surreal view of Metro Manila

Thank you very much Manila Waldorf School for this opportunity to return to Timberland Heights and its lovely trails!

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