Yurbuds®: The #1 Selling Sport Earphone Brand in the US now available in the Philippines

(Press Release) If you’re an aspirational athlete or anyone with a busy lifestyle who can’t go a day without listening to music, you (and your ears) will love this piece of good news – yurbuds®, the number 1 selling sport earphone brand in the US, is now available in the Philippines.

According to The NPD Group, yurbuds® are officially the #1 selling “water resistant earbuds” in the United States by both units and revenue in 2012.  This category includes the wide range of sport-focused earphones currently available at retail.

What’s their selling point, aside from being water and sweat resistant?  Well, these earphones are guaranteed to never fall out.  They stay put without hurting your ears, giving you a perfectly comfortable and enjoyable listening experience while you exercise or go about your usual daily routine.  Combining authenticity and ergonomics, yurbuds® takes the earphone business seriously to come up with products that produce superior sound quality while being fun, stylish, comfortable and durable enough to keep up with you and your various physical activities.

In less than 5 years since it was established, yurbuds® has already introduced new product lines based on research to understand consumers’ actual needs.  It continuously creates new products for specific user groups in the sporting community, such as the Inspire for Women and Limited Edition lines.

The Inspire for Women line has been a huge hit since it hit the market, generating a strong social buzz because of its design that was tailor made to the contours of the female athlete’s ears.  The Limited Edition line, which features proprietary Triple Magnet Sound Technology, has also gained recognition – the Focus Limited Edition was named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

These two rare, exciting product lines will be arriving in the Philippines very, very soon.

Rich Daniels, yurbuds® COO, credits their success to the brand’s authentic connection to sports communities and their drive to provide products that truly are designed for sport.  “As athletes, we spend our free time engrained in sport.  This gives us a strategic advantage when it comes to developing products, as our entire team embodies our brand’s active lifestyle”.

With this success, the #1 sport earphone brand is off to a strong start in 2013.  Looking ahead, yurbuds® plans to continue researching, developing and delivering top-of-the-line sport earphones that meet the technology needs of today’s athlete.  “Becoming the #1 sport earphone in the U.S. is really a testament to our entire team, our patented ergonomic design, and grass roots marketing efforts over the past couple of years,” says Daniel Deville, Director of Marketing for yurbuds®.  “Our consumers believe in our product and the brand behind it.”

And what a ripple effect it’s made; it’s now being distributed in over 30 countries – the Philippines included.  Grab a pair now and see the difference for yourself.  yurbuds® is available at Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, Runnr, Riovana, Chris Sports, PowerMac Center, R.O.X., Rudy Project, Islands Souvenir, IGig Center, The A Shop, Gold’s Gym, Nothing But H2O, Primo Cycles and Specialized Concept Store.

About yurbuds®

yurbuds® was founded in 2008 by Seth Burgett, President, CEO and active triathlete, and Richard Daniels, COO and a 24-time marathoner.  Burgett and Daniels left their corporate roles and joined forces to improve personal performance.  They have been joined by Craig Ceranna, CFO and Managing Director, to realize the company’s mission: transform the athlete’s experience through personalized service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics and emotive design.

As a company, yurbuds® was named Forbes 9th Most Promising Company in America for 2009. yurbuds® has also won awards for its products and marketing, including the 2010 GOOD DESIGN AWARD, 2011 “Site of the Day” for Awards and the 2013 CES Design & Engineering Showcase Award (Focus Limited Edition).

For more information on yurbuds®, go to yurbuds.com and join in on the conversation at fb.com/CascosInc.

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1 Response to “Yurbuds®: The #1 Selling Sport Earphone Brand in the US now available in the Philippines”

  1. 1 Cris
    2016-01-21 at 4:44 PM

    “Well, these earphones are guaranteed to never fall out.” The right earphone did fall out of my ear.

    Plus, they malfunctioned after two months. Have it fix/replaced for two months. Then malfunctioned again. In total, they were replaced thrice in less than a year. I can’t have it replaced for the fourth time since the store warranty lapsed already.

    It says “lifetime warranty” but when I emailed Yurbuds (here in the Philippines), they said they can only replace it for the last time. What happened to that “lifetime” part?

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