EXPLORAC: Run, Explore, and Experience Earth Like Never Before

(Press Release) Beyond progress and technological breakthroughs enclosed within the urban landscape is a rich and diverse outdoor geography, most often unexplored.  As AyalaLand and ROX, the country’s premier outdoor provider, aims to encourage people to discover the magnificent glory of nature.

As a one-stop shop for premium gears and tools needed to conquer adventures, ROX nurtures a community of educated outdoor enthusiasts for them to live out their passions to the fullest.  Coinciding with it is the responsibility to promote consciousness and advocate environmental conservation to preserve what is most sacred and valuable to them.

Proving that action is louder than words, ROX leads the pack of the outdoor community by hosting the EXPLORAC Invitational Trail Run together with AyalaLand and other brands under retail giant, Primer Group of Companies – a first for the leading outdoor destination.

Held last June 08, 2013, the trail-running event transpired in Porac, Pampanga.  This was the first time that the trail was utilized for an event. Set in out-of-this-world setting, the challenging route featured a diverse landscape that ranged from hard flat lands to hilly terrains.  Adrenaline enthusiasts went head to head in 11K and 22K categories.

The competition definitely solicited a highly-competitive atmosphere especially with the wet and dry river bed which was heavily silted by mudflow as an effect of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption way back in 1991, not to mention the lahar flows that surprised participants along the road.

Deeper into the trail, runners treaded moderate to steep climbing circumstances along the rough portions of the trail, not to mention the vast lahar track.  Runners were transported into a surreal dimension as they went through the SCTEX Bridge, going through waterfalls and the breath-taking sceneries of Porac.

This event is part of ROX’s vision to allow individuals to choose their own adventure and go for it.  With this, it is its mission to assist first timers, converts, and experts to always be informed with the fullest knowledge required for this discipline.  Moreover, its wide selection of high-quality gear and equipment coupled with expert assistance boost the spirits and determination of outdoor enthusiasts.

A truly groundbreaking event, it was evident that ROX was bent on making a big bang on its first foray into hosting trail-running events – a signal of more and more unforgettable trail-running events to come.  Unlike any other, ROX aspires to level up the game by presenting a challenging experience whilst setting it within a spectacular environment.  EXPLORAC would not have been made possible if not for sponsors such as Primer Group of Companies, The North Face, Gatorade, AXN, Nathan, Sea to Summit, Black Diamond, Dispatch, and Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition.

Beginners, certified enthusiasts, and everything in between may check out ROX at Bonifacio High Street, Ayala Center Cebu, Ayala Centrio, Camp John Hay, and Marquee Mall Pampanga.  Certainly not to be missed is its new branch at The District North Point in Bacolod, to be opened in July.

ROX is owned and operated by the Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant.

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