Corregidor’s “Twins:” The International Half and Full Marathons

2013 is a milestone year for the island of Corregidor as far as races are concerned: it will be host to back-to-back “twin” races that is the Corregidor Marathon (CM) and the venerable Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM).  Here are the details:

Corregidor Marathon
December 07, 2013

Corregidor International Half Marathon
December 08, 2013

The organizers of CIHM for the first time are organizing a full marathon in the island of Corregidor.  But so as not to foreshadow the already established half marathon, the full and half marathons coexists, sharing the same weekend but not the same day.  Saturday (December 07, 2013) belongs to the full marathon while Sunday (December 08, 2013) belongs to the half marathon, each race having their own side events.

The Corregidor Marathon includes a full marathon as well as a 5K and 3K events.  The Corregidor International Half Marathon includes a half marathon (21K) and a 10K event.  And since the island can’t comfortably accommodate a lot of people at the same time, the slots for the races are limited:

Category No. of Slots Registration Fee* Gun Start
Corregidor Marathon
42K 88 ₱6,000 6:00AM
5K 150 ₱2,500 8:00AM
3K 150 ₱2,500 8:15AM
Corregidor International
Half Marathon
21K 300 ₱3,000 8:00AM
10K 200 ₱2,700 8:15AM

* Registration fee includes:

  • Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
  • Full lunch buffet on race day
  • Runners’ Briefing (Nov 30 and Dec 1)
  • ₱1,000 Soleus Gift Voucher

Additional inclusions per event:

  • 42K:
    • Pre-Race Carbo Dinner buffet
    • RFID timing chip
    • Personalized CM Dri-fit Race Shirt
    • CM backpack
    • CM Finisher’s Medallion
    • CM Rank-indicated Finisher’s Trophy
    • Complementary weekly strength and conditioning training session
  • 5K and 3K:
    • Race bib with RFID timing chip
    • CM Dri-fit Race Shirt
    • CM Race sling bag
    • Finisher’s Medal
    • Digital Finisher’s Certificate
  • 21K:
    • Race bib with RFID timing chip
    • CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
    • CIHM Race sling bag
    • CIHM Finisher’s Medallion
    • CIHM Post-Race Victory Party
    • CIHM Digital Finisher’s Certificate
  • 10K:
    • Race bib with RFID timing chip
    • CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
    • CIHM Race sling bag
    • 10K Challenge Achiever Medal
    • CIHM Post-Race Victory Party
    • 10K Challenge Digital Finisher’s Certificate

For race participants wishing to attend the carbo-loading dinner, tickets may be availed for ₱250 on Nov 30 and Dec 1 during the runners’ briefing.

For your convenience, you may download the detailed registration process (in PDF format) below:

Aside from being limited, the 42K and 21K races now implement qualifying times:

Age Male Female
Corregidor Marathon
18-29 04:30:00 05:00:00
30-39 05:00:00 05:30:00
40-49 05:15:00 06:00:00
50-59 05:30:00 06:30:00
60 & above 06:00:00 07:00:00
Corregidor International
Half Marathon
All 02:30:00 03:00:00

Qualifying times should be set in any race within the last 12 months prior to the race.  There are also no cutoff times for all events but make sure to consider the departure of your ferry service from the island with your intended finish time.

Registration is ongoing, exclusively online via Corregidor Marathon Facebook page.  Alternatively, you may also visit Corregidor International Half-Marathon Facebook page.

For more information about Corregidor Marathon or Corregidor International Half Marathon you may contact corregidormarathon@bigbigbig.com.ph or corregidor21@bigbigbig.com.ph respectively.

* * *

This race is included in my list of Most Recommended Races in the Philippines

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