Strawberry Chronicles: Impromptu Trip to Baguio! (Day Two)

Second day in Baguio City.  It’s quite difficult to top our “lucky streak” during our first day.  But being in some of the most interesting places in the country, there’s still so much we can do.  Some of which would be a first!

Strawberry Chronicles: Impromptu Trip to Baguio!

I have been going through a lot of stress lately.  It’s funny that I haven’t had this much stress when I was doing regular office work.  I guess real life is more stressful!  And because of that I just decided to have a quick getaway.  Two options were in my mind: the beach or the…

Quick Bite: BonChon Chicken’s Bulgogi Noodle Soup

BonChon Chicken is one of my favorite fastfood.   I’ve tasted just about everything in their menu so I’m always excited to see something new.  One of their latest that I haven’t tried is the Bulgogi Noodle Soup which comes in a “regular” and large size.

Quick Stop at Blogapalooza

The recently held Blogapalooza could possibly be the largest gathering of businesses and bloggers under one roof this side of the planet and it definitely did not disappoint!

How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

At this age when inclement and extreme weather is the norm, we just don’t know when and where disaster would struck.  It is quite fortunate though that social media may have some lifesaving tips for us just in case the situation arises, and in this case, opening a can when a can opener is out…

Keep Calm and Blog On

The largest business and blogger event this side of the country is back via Blogapalooza 2013, and I’m glad I’ll be part of this gathering.  The event will be on November 19, 2013 and I’ll be posting updates through my various social media channels as the event unfolds: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (feel free to follow…