Soleus GO! and Soleus Pulse Launched in the Philippine Market

Soleus had just launched two new and distinct items to the Philippine market: one is the Soleus GO! which marks Soleus’ entry to the fitness band market and the other being the Soleus Pulse which is a one-of-a-kind GPS tracker that has a heart rate monitor built right into the band.

The latest addition to the Soleus product lineup: Soleus GO! (top) and Soleus Pulse (bottom)

Soleus Philippines last night launched these new products at 100 Miles Café in Bonifacio Global City together with some local celebrities and bloggers.  Bloggers were given the opportunity to try out and make a review one of these new products and I opted to test the Soleus GO!

Soleus GO! in the flesh

– Press Release –

Soleus Enters the Wearable Technology Market and Launches the Most Comprehensive Activity Tracker

Premier Sports and GPS Company Debuts the Soleus GO!

March 11, 2014–Manila – SOLEUS, the premiere sports watch and GPS Company in the performance and fitness markets, is thrilled to announce the debut of the Soleus GO! the most comprehensive fitness tracker currently on the market.  The Soleus GO! tracks more than just your everyday activities with a real time crisp, organic OLED display.  It is with you all the time to motivate, keep you on track and inform you of all activities, even during sleep.  Included with the Soleus GO! Platform is a robust mobile app that allows you to sync all of your activities directly to your IOS supported device.  This feature will allow you to log your daily activity so all of your data is easily accessible.  The wireless sync will also help you to never miss a text message or phone call with automatic caller ID and text messaging notification via Bluetooth connectivity directly to your Soleus GO! Band.

The Soleus GO! measures, tracks and informs you on the most important aspects of your daily life with immediate, clear precision.  The Daily Activity Tracking allows you to set a goal and track your progress by measuring steps taken and calories burned.  It also allows you to set a move time notification with a vibration alert if you want to incorporate activity after a certain amount of time.  Inspired from Soleus’s leadership position in the performance and fitness markets, a feature unique to Soleus is a built-in Exercise Mode to track your speed, distance and pace separate from the Daily Activity Tracking.  The Real Time Smart Wearable Technology feature keeps you informed of the temperature and weather alerts along with incoming calls and text messages.  Even as you sleep, Soleus GO! is tracking your sleep pattern including how many times you were awake and recording both your REM and light sleep.  This feedback is invaluable to understanding how much REM sleep you need to feel well throughout the day and for exercise recovery.  The auto and manual sleep timer will also awake you through a vibration alert if you set the silent wake-up alarm.

The Soleus GO! Application is customizable and saves your user data: gender, age, height and weight and constantly synced through your Bluetooth device.  All of your customized goals will be recorded, stored and displayed for you at real time.  The summary of these details can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly through bar graphs that display your recorded activity.

“At Soleus, we started the company around meeting the needs of the athlete with quality performance and style at an affordable cost, said David Arnold, Founder and CEO of Soleus.  Our core values are attributed to supplying athletes the most advanced tools they need to achieve their goals.  At the same time, we want to help people everywhere enhance their life with activity.  We spent a lot of time and research to develop the most comprehensive activity tracker that monitors and records the most important aspects of daily life while incorporating the wearable technology features for everyone on the ‘go’.”

The Soleus Go! will be available for selling at L TIMESTUDIO and TIMEGEAR boutiques by March 15, 2014.  SRP is ₱7,450.00 and includes the Soleus GO! Band, USB Charging Cable, and Dedicated Mobile App.

Premier Sports and GPS Company Debuts the Soleus PULSE!

March 11, 2014–Manila SOLEUS, the premiere sports watch and GPS Company in the performance and fitness markets, is thrilled to announce the debut of the Soleus PULSE.

A strapless heart rate (pulse) monitor using a built in accelerometer and a band mounted sensor, all at a price point that is reasonable.

The Soleus Pulse measures your heart rate while on your wrist.  It allows zone training and has a 3D accelerometer that counts your calories, steps, and distance.  Set goals and keep track of your progress.

Lose the chest strap with the Soleus Pulse wrist based HRM. Go strapless!  It’s okay, we won’t tell.

The Soleus PULSE will be available for selling at L TIMESTUDIO and TIMEGEAR boutiques by March 15, 2014 with an SRP is ₱7,950.00.

About Soleus

Soleus is a sport watch and fitness tracking company dedicated to supplying highly functional data monitoring with style, comfort, and ease of use at an affordable price.  Based in the core athletic community of Austin, Texas, Soleus provides watches, GPS units and heart rate monitors to help each athlete find their passion for personal sport.  Soleus watches are style-driven and set apart by their simple, intuitive, easy-to-use functions that transition from sport to lifestyle.

* * *

I picked the Soleus GO! over the Soleus Pulse not because I thought one was better than the other, but because I still have a perfectly working GPS watch (in the form of Soleus Fit 1.0) and I never had a fitness band before.  The Soleus Pulse is best for runners who would like to incorporate their pulse into their training but hate wearing HRM straps.  The Soleus GO! on the other hand is for everyone, runners and non-runners alike, who would like to practice a healthier lifestyle by being able to monitor certain metrics about their daily routines, and even their sleeping patterns.

Soleus GO! currently comes in all black (like what I have), black/white, and black/pink color combos

Both Soleus GO! and Soleus Pulse have an SRP of ₱7,950 and will be available starting March 15, 2014.

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