Outrun the Road, Outlast the Trail

From novice to advanced trail enthusiasts, it was another event-filled weekend as runners of varying capabilities participated in the highly-anticipated Salomon XTrail Run 2014.  As a performance brand for mountain sports, Salomon has been consistently the top of mind for many when it comes to trail gear.  The brand becomes top of mind as well, when it comes to outdoor endurance sports such as trail running.  This was particularly eminent in the recently-concluded Salomon XTrail Run 2014, which was held in Hamilo Coast in Batangas for the second time around.  “The Salomon X-Trail Run is a global event, held in various countries annually.  It is the fourth time that we’ll be holding it, and we’ve once again chosen Hamilo Coast as our venue.  Aside from being a very scenic destination, Hamilo Coast also offers a variety of trails for our runners with its mixture of sand, rocks, fire roads, …and so far it seems to be a perfect venue to hold a trail running event.” shares Janice Tanada, Salomon brand manager.

Aside from the Philippines, Salomon’s long-running X-Trail Run, is also being held in key Asian countries regions namely, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.  This year’s X-Trail event offers two categories: Road to trail and Mountain Run, with 2 distances for each.  The former category is targeted to beginners who want to take their running to the next level, with a 6km and 12km distance.  The Mountain Run, with 2 distances – 24km and 32km – are targeted for advanced trail runners who long for an adrenaline-filled experience.  This category boasts a number of vertical ascents in varying terrain, simulating the technicalities of Skyrunning, the turf where Salomon dominates in.  It’s a route for trail runners who want the real “Salomon Experience.”  With this year’s registered participants reaching around 1,500, the Salomon Xtrail Run 2014 proved to be another success.  Cash prizes and products were awarded to the top finishers for the 6km road to trail, 12km road to trail and the Mountain Run’s 24km and 32km categories.  An added treat was given to all finishers, as Salomon gave away top of the line items for raflle, together with awesome items from Sponsors—Suunto, Otterbox, ExoXgear, Unilever and R.O.X.

For more on the Salomon Xtrail Run please visit www.salomonxtrailpilipinas.com.

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