Gear Review: Nokia Lumia 630

I’ve recently featured the Nokia Lumia 630 as a “fitness phone,” but how does it fare as a smart phone?  Here’s my more detailed review:

My 4DX Experience at the Bonifacio High Street Central Square

Watching movies on the big screen is probably the best way to see a movie and with intense competition between cinemas it is difficult for one to stand out.  One way of taking that movie experience a step higher is through “4D” which is “3D” with an extra “1D.”  So what is this additional “D”…

Meet the Nokia Lumia 630: The Fitness Phone

Last Saturday, July 05, 2014 I was introduced to “the fitness phone” Nokia Lumia 630, Bing Health & Fitness, and Windows Phone 8.1 all at the same time, coinciding as well with Bing’s fifth anniversary.  What does a “fitness phone” have over typical smart phones you ask?

Together, 24/7? The Case of Wearable Fitness Trackers

Unless you do not have any slight care about gadgets, you must have stumbled to at least one of these wearable fitness trackers that flood the market.  After all, just about every manufacturer who can is making these.  But are they really nothing more than niche products, or do they really offer something we have…