Burlington and Microban bring Best Burlington Ever in the Philippines

(Press Release) From the country’s leading manufacturer of international quality socks — Burlington Philippines — and the global leader in built-in antimicrobial product protection — Microban International — come a new product that is designed to be the Best Burlington Ever with its antimicrobial properties that protects the feet from odor causing bacteria, leaving it fresh and clean all day.

Introducing Burlington Philippines’ Best Ever socks with Microban® technology that protects the feet from odor causing bacteria, leaving it fresh and clean all day

Used by over 250 companies across the globe for 20 years now, the Microban® technology is known worldwide to give long-lasting protection and fight the growth of harmful bacteria.  It works by penetrating deep into the bacteria’s cell wall thus, neutralizing its abilities to develop and reproduce.

“The Best Burlington Ever with Microban® is the latest addition to our wide range of comfortable and high quality socks.  It is proven to be safe, effective and durable,” said Burlington Philippines general manager Ruddy Tan.  “Its antimicrobial properties guarantee a continuous and lasting protection that provides an added layer of defense against damaging bacteria.”

“It is the perfect partner for people who enjoy strenuous sporting activities as they no longer need to worry about needing protection odor causing bacteria.  With the Best Burlington Ever, their feet are treated to a comfortable, dry and odor-free experience,” he added.

With over four decades of industry expertise, Burlington Philippines is the trusted name in the men’s, ladies’ and children’s socks department.  The brand takes pride in its innovative and quality products that are guaranteed to fit the need of every individual.

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