Shopping Feature: My Shopping Box (my-shoppingbox.com)

Shopping online is as convenient as it can get—you can do it anytime and practically anywhere, and sometimes there are even better deals online than in stores!  The problem usually though stems from shipping, especially from those coming from overseas.  After my horrific experience with PHLPost, I was on the lookout for alternatives and My Shopping Box (MSB) was one of them.

I first encountered MSB from a blogger’s event called Blogapalooza.  My trauma from PhilPost was still quite fresh then that I’m interested in anything that could bring my packages cheaper and more efficiently.  Although MSB currently only accepts US-based orders, I thought it was worth my time to know more about its services.  So how does it work?

From MSB:

Our company, my-shoppingbox.com, was founded in 2008 with the goal to open up the average Filipino consumer to the online world wide market.  As a forwarding and logistics company we provide a way for Filipinos to get whatever they want, all from the convenience of their home.  From apparel to gadgets, kitchen materials to car parts, My Shopping Box has the ability to bring to you an almost unlimited array of items and products!

How is this done?  By signing up for a membership at my-shoppingbox.com, each member is given their very own personal US address.  With this address, just shop online and use the address as the shipping address during checkout.  All purchases by members are then shipped there and we take care of the rest!  From then on, members will have nothing to do but relax and wait for their package while we ship it and deliver it straight to their doors!  No more lining up and paying at customs because we handle all the hassles for our members.  Tax and shipping costs are all inclusive in our rates.


Rates are charged based on weight or volume metric weight, whichever is higher.  Besides shipping rate there is a $25.00 dollar per year membership fee.

Delivery Time 10-12 Working days

  • Air Cargo Class 1: $5.99 per pound
    • Adult and Children Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Toys, Kitchen Utensils, Home and Garden items, Personal Care, Health and Beauty Products, Books and Periodicals, CDs, Hobbies, Non-Perishable Foods, Sunglasses and Eyewear, Hardware items, Sporting Goods and Accessories, Pet Care Grooming Supplies
  • Air Cargo Class 2: $8.50 per pound
    • Cameras, Costume Jewelry and Other Personal Accessories, Desk Top and Notebook Computers and Accessories, Computer and Other Electrical toys and Games, Scientific, Medical and Other Precision Instruments, Electrical and Mechanical SparePparts, Electrical Instruments, Tools, Electric Ovens, and Other Electrical Appliances

Delivery Time 30-40 Working days

  • Sea Freight: $2.99 per pound
    • Electrical appliances and other “Fragile” electrical devices that are packed below 30 pounds of chargeable shipping weight, shall be subject to a special handling charge of $1.25 per pound based on its chargeable shipping weight
    • Packages exceeding 30 pounds by weight or volume dimensions are classified as “OVERSIZE PACKAGES”. These are subject to an additional handling charge at a rate of 30% of its actual weight or volume dimensions, whichever is higher

* Packages are not consolidated

What can’t I ship?

  • Lithium Batteries, Illegal Substances, Flammable Material or Liquids, Cash/Currencies, Checks, Contraband or other materials Prohibited by Law, live plants and animals, Perishable Foods, Poisons, Toxic materials (e.g. pesticides), Tobacco or Cigarettes.
  • To see full list check out our FAQs page on our website

Why use My Shopping Box?

MSB is a personalized forwarding service.  This means you have absolutely no minimum weight or number items required for your shipments.  Even items as small as a basketball card, a pen or a coin can be delivered straight to your door!  Members can purchase from any online store and have their purchases within a matter of days (US based stores are the most sulit with our services).  Unlike most forwarding services, MSB does not require any pick up whatsoever.

With My Shopping Box, people can finally order products that are either not sold here or very over-priced.  Brands such as Ikea, Acne, Cos, and Boutique stores have no local branches and we would like to open the Filipino buyers to these stores.  The limited selection may also be an issue especially when it comes to apparel.  When shopping online in stores like Nike, we become your connection to the complete selection of products opening you to a whole new variety of items!

As well as being a bridge to certain stores, MSB has also become a very effective cost cutting shopping strategy.  There are products and brands that you can buy locally but are way too over-priced.  Although it may take a bit more time than buying in-store products, if you are willing to wait you will see, your online purchase plus the shipping fee would still come out cheaper than in-store buys!

Our services can also be used for those who want to send packages back to their relatives or friends in the Philippines.  This can be done as long as it is sent to a members personal shipping address.  Our service will not cater packages with prohibited items.  Too see full list of unshippable items check out our FAQs page on our website.

Here at My Shopping Box, we want to give our members easier access to the online world wide market, a cost efficient online shopping experience, and a quick and reliable service.

I haven’t personally used MSB’s services just yet so I can’t tell if the delivery days are accurate (for air cargo at least) but since it delivers your packages right at your doorstep, it is very convenient and you don’t risk additional preposterous charges from customs that would gobble up the discounts you made from your online purchases.  Just a tip though: due to congestion at the ports of Manila, avoid sending by sea unless you’re sending quite a lot and is willing to wait an indefinite long while!

For more information about My Shopping Box, contact customerservice@my-shoppingbox.com.  You may also visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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