Quick Bite: Project Pie

Project Pie has been around for quite some time but it had only been recently that I got my first Project Pie experience.  But is it really worth the hassle of building your own pizza?

We just completed a 10K run and our post-run breakfast was not enough so we decided to wait awhile until Project Pie in Blue Bay Walk opened.  I don’t cook but I love to eat so building something that I’d eventually eat is exciting (and also a bit dreadful)!  I have no idea what would happen but I guess it’s worth a try.

If you’re really bored, indulge yourself with some funny or sometimes witty quotes on their wall

We decided on having two different base sauces for our pizzas: a red and a white.  For the red one, we made it like some sort of a meat-lover pizza whereas the white one was a bit light with some green stuff on it.  None of us knew what we were doing to be honest, but it seemed like we were on the right track as we didn’t get any sour face from the staff making our pizza. 😛

This is where it all begins: a small ball of dough gets flattened and partially “cooked” by this machine
That’s our pizzas being made with the base sauces
Then comes the ingredients

The entire process is actually pretty quick.  Once everything you want is on your pizza, you just wait for it to cook.  Of course, waiting seems much longer when you’re actually waiting!

You may also look at their interesting high ceiling and think of things while you’re waiting 😀

Then comes the big reveal—voila!  Seems like we passed our Project Pie challenge with flying colors!  Not only do our pizzas look good, they actually tasted much better than we expected!

Voila!  Our final product: looks good, tastes even better than we expected! 😀

Overall, building your own pizza in Project Pie is worth the hassle because of the experience.  I don’t think that they would really let you combine ingredients that would result in disaster (unless you really wanted to) so for those who don’t really cook, it’s exciting!  You could also ask for some suggestions if you’re totally clueless, but if you really don’t want the hassle, they have several “templates” to choose from.  I think regardless of which path you chose to have it, Project Pie will give you a good pizza. 🙂

You may just pick from their pizzas if you don’t really like to build your own

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