Quick Bite: Jipan Café & Bakeshop

Jipan Café & Bakeshop is not really new to me but for some reason, I haven’t had the chance to try their food until yesterday.  And for my first meal from Jipan, I opted for a ramen.  Here’s how it went.

The mall was just packed and everywhere I went, the queues were long, tables all filled, and those that aren’t have ran out of the food that I’m interested in.  Fortunately, seats were still available in Jipan (SM Megamall branch) so it’s a chance for me to finally try their food.  By that time I was starting to lose my appetite after walking aimlessly looking for good food so I can only think of a bowl of ramen.  It has soup, it has carbs, it has vegetables, and it has meat so it’s complete!

Jipan has several ramen dishes to choose from but I opted for their Chuukara ramen (₱279).  For some reason I was drawn with it because it has corn.  Corny reason, I know! 😀

Chuukara Ramen (₱279)

It was such a sight to behold as it arrived—it came in a huge bowl, reminiscent of serving sizes in fancy, much more expensive, ramen restaurant franchises from Japan that are currently popular in Metro Manila.  And it didn’t seem to be lacking in ingredients given its much lower price tag.

I’m not really sure how a Chuukara ramen is supposed to taste, but nonetheless I liked their ramen.  It has vegetables, ground pork, and pork slices.  It also has an entire egg that is cooked Japanese style: soft boiled with the yolk still runny—just the way I really like it!  The soup is hot as served and there’s ample amount of noodles—not too much, not too little.  The pork strips though are a bit few, but that’s understandable given the price.  Overall though, the serving size is just big that you’d really be filled!  It took quite some time for me to finish a single bowl as a matter of fact!

The only qualm that I had with an otherwise pleasant experience with this Jipan branch was the poor service.  I actually thought that the store was closed initially as I stood in front of their store browsing their menu for a minute or so but nobody came to assist me.  Even paying is a chore; after handing me the bill I waited for a few minutes while the waiter chatted with another before returning to me to get my payment!  Maybe this is the reason why the store was a bit empty on a very busy Friday night.  Anyway, at least waiting time for my ramen was pretty standard.

Overall, I like Jipan as I can get a relatively inexpensive but good ramen here, along with other Japanese dishes.  The service may be bad in this branch, but they have another branch so I might try their other offerings there.

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