COMELEC Voters Biometrics Registration at the Malls

Because people don’t always have time to visit COMELEC (Commission on Elections) offices to register to vote for the next elections but somehow always find time to go to the mall, it’s a brilliant idea that they decided to bring registrations to the malls!  I’ve had the chance to register through one of these satellite registrations yesterday and here’s my story.

Voters Biometrics Registration in one of the malls

For those who have regular work, our weekdays are pretty much taken and government offices are usually closed on weekends so it’s pretty reasonable why some people are not able to register or update their information to be eligible to vote on the next elections.  It is quite fortunate that someone from the government thought of bringing the process to the malls, even on weekends, to make it much more accessible.

And because our district was being served in one of their scheduled mall satellite registration yesterday, July 17, 2015, and I had no work due to a holiday, I decided to give it a try.  I’d definitely pick the convenience of a mall anytime over going to city hall or any other government office to register.

A mall-wide sale was coincidentally going on during the registration so traffic was as bad as it can get.  I was prepared to see long queues as I go to the venue due to the volume of shoppers, but was totally surprised that there were no queues!  I actually had to ask if there was a queue that I may be missing (I don’t want to be one to start breaking the lines) but was pointed to go directly to one of the tellers.  I was asked for a valid ID and my area of residence and was given a form to sign.  Make that three (3) forms. o_O

After signing the same form three times (triplicate copies), I went to another table for my form to be logged and given a registration number.  I was asked which voting precinct was closest to me and it was written on the form.  From there I went to another table for some of my information to be encoded and my photo and biometrics taken.  I just had to wait a bit while we wait for the terminal to get online (apparently their connection had some technical glitches).  Afterwards, I was off to the last step where my thumbmarks were placed on the form.  (They have alcohol and towel to remove the ink, but you may want to bring your own tissues if you are concerned with your own sanitation.)  The form was then taken and I was handed a small stub from the form indicating my precinct number.  And that’s it!  The entire process must’ve taken just around 30 minutes, the majority of which was spend with writing on the pages of forms.  I admit, I’m impressed! 😀

Tip: You may skip the tedious manual filling up of the form by accomplishing an online form depending on what you need (i.e. new registrant, reactivation, correction, etc.).  Make sure to select which one is appropriate for your need, read the instructions, and bring the printed copies of the accomplished forms to the mall satellite registration site.  The online form can be found here.

I wrote this post to encourage everyone to update their registration information and have their biometrics taken (if it had not been taken yet).  We’ve all (hopefully) heard COMELEC’s campaign, “No Bio, No Boto” (No biometrics, No vote), so if you want to be eligible to vote for the forthcoming elections, you better have your biometrics registered with the agency.  Now that they are the ones going to the malls, even during weekends, there’s just no excuse on why you won’t be able to register to vote.  The list of mall satellite registration sites can be found here.  (October 2015 update: use this more updated listing by Rappler instead).

But before you head out to the malls, don’t forget to bring a valid ID and a pen, together with some tissue and alcohol as well to wipe off the ink from the thumbmarking.  Also, make sure to check which district is being served by the mall satellite registration.  And at least try to look presentable as they’d be taking your picture. 🙂

For more information, visit www.comelec.gov.ph.

1 Response to “COMELEC Voters Biometrics Registration at the Malls”

  1. 1 Maria kral
    2015-07-23 at 9:51 AM

    I went to register and do my biometrics as a new voter in Star Mall on 20th July at past noon. It was swarming with people wanting to register so I just got the forms to fill out and was told by a staff of the MUNTINLUPA mayor’s office to come back before 8am the next day to avoid the long lines. The Comelec in Star Mall opens at 8am they said. I was in Comelec at exactly 8am. All the staff of the office of the MUNTINLUPA mayor were already there before 8am and two rows of senior citizens were also there already waiting.
    I just want to inform you that the Comelec staff ONLY came at 09.30!! I was informed by some people who were there the day before that the Comelec staff are always LATE in opening the office!
    Please be aware and be thankful that there are still a lot of people who would like to vote and exercise this right. If this is the system of Comelec, I am not surprised if people will be turned off to vote.
    Also a point of observation, can the registration be made more simple for those who are first time voters, verifications, lost its etc.
    thank you and I hope this will not fall on deaf ears!

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