A Taste of Fitness First’s Signature Program at Platinum RCBC Plaza

Together with fellow bloggers, I was invited last week by Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza to try their Signature Programs.  As the name implies, these programs were designed by Fitness First themselves and are new additions to the already wide selection of programs that Fitness First already offer.  Read on for the preview.

Fellow bloggers Ivan, Nonoy, and Rikki together with our coaches Kjeld and Chance
(Courtesy Rikki / Cheapanggang Diva)

Our teaser session started with Pro Cycling™ conducted by Chance Vega.  This is a set of three 30 minute group cycling class themed around professional track cycling events, but in our case we just had a much shorter “sampler.”

During our sampler Pro Cycling™ class
(Courtesy Rikki / Cheapanggang Diva)

We may only had the sampler, but it’s hardly a walk in the park.  That few minutes was enough for my sweat to drip all the way to the floor!  For a person like me who does not bike, a full session would be a challenge, but that’s the point right?  The bike resistance could be adjusted to suit your skill level so even novices like me could join.

Just as we were catching our bread and thinking “we survived!” another challenge awaited us—Freestyle™ Group Training lead by Kjeld Leal.  It is also a 30-minute class and include three format sections: a set of mobilisers to warm up the muscles, the main work out, and the grand finale finisher—a two minute continuous work out.

Doing one of the routines…
(Courtesy Rikki / Cheapanggang Diva)

You will definitely use your entire body in performing the routines
(Courtesy Rikki / Cheapanggang Diva)

This looks easy, but trust me it’s not!
(Courtesy Rikki / Cheapanggang Diva)

Cool-down stretches…
(Courtesy Rikki / Cheapanggang Diva)

— Press Release —

Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza: Home of Champions

Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza, Makati City’s finest fitness club is ideally situated at the heart of the Central Business District and caters to an exclusive and upscale clientele.

The club is fully staffed with certified and highly experienced personal trainers who customize workouts based on individual fitness needs.  From weight loss, general toning to sports training, they are equipped to handle any fitness goal and provide the motivation to keep members on track.  In recent years, there has been a growing number of members who engage them for sports-specific training for triathlon, marathon, swimming, jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts.

Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza personal trainers are dedicated to provide members effective training and enough motivation that they have in fact worked alongside some notable champion triathletes.  The elite list includes Josef Gueta (Safeguard 5150 and Century Tuna 5150), Paul Nevelos (Safeguard 5150 and National Age Group Triathlon), Carmina Ilagan (Safeguard 5150), Lloyd Dy (National Age Group Triathlon), Irene Bartolome (National Age Group Triathlon), and Mimi Dizon (Regent 5150 All-Women Relay).

Apart from the full range of top-of-the-line equipment and modern facilities that all Fitness First clubs nationwide are known for, the club boasts of a lap pool, Jacuzzi, and a dedicated boxing studio.  It also offers over 60 group exercise classes a week ranging from Fitness First’s exclusive Signature programs, dance, yoga, cycling, and many more.

Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza can be reached at +63 2 845 3480.  Operating hours are from Monday to Friday at 6:00AM to 10:00PM, Saturday and holidays at 8:00AM to 8:00PM, and Sunday at 8:00AM to 6:00PM.  Visit the Fitness First website fitnessfirst.com.ph for more information about the club.

* * *

We were really wasted after this teaser session, but it was so fun!  What more if it were the real deal?  The Pro Cycling™ classes is great for those who want to “train with the pros” and improve their cycling skills while the Freestyle™ Group Training is great for those who needed that extra motivation to push themselves further and those that are intimidated my traditional gym equipment.  These new Signature Programs by Fitness First gives you more ways to burn those calories!

I would like to thank Ms. Connie Fortich, Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza Club General Manager, for letting us enjoy these new programs!  Thanks to Rikki “Cheapanggang Diva” as well for the photos!

If you’re not a Fitness First Platinum member yet, you may still try these programs for free!  Click here to get your free trial guest pass.

For more information about Fitness First Platinum RCBC Plaza, visit fitnessfirst.com.ph or follow them on Facebook or Twitter#FitnessFirstPH

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