#RawFoodIsTheNewHot Workshop Series Launched At Sugarleaf Makati

The workshop series #RawFoodIsTheNewHot was launched last September 01, 2015 at Sugarleaf Makati before members of the media.  I was lucky to be one of those who got to taste, literally, what’s in store with the workshop, and here’s a piece of what transpired.

Would you believe all of these foods are raw?

I actually arrived in the middle of the launch and by that time, Chef Sonia Astudillo was already busy preparing the food that will be featured in the #RawFoodIsTheNewHot workshop.  As an overview, #RawFoodIsTheNewHot is a five-part workshop series with UP-cum laude graduate and Bali-certified Raw Chef Sonia Astudillo, and will discuss the benefits of raw vegan lifestyle and why it is gaining popularity among the healthy community.  You may read more information about it here.

Chef Sonia Astudillo presenting one of the finished product

— Press Release —

Sugarleaf Makati Thanks Media, Launches #RawFoodIsTheNewHot Workshop Series

Sugarleaf Makati recently held a gathering to thank friends in the media as well as launch another signature raw food preparation series.  Attendees learned a lot about raw food preparation from UP cum laude graduate and Bali-certified raw chef Sonia Astudillo who partners with Sugarleaf Makati for a series of raw food workshops in November through to April 2016.  As part of its 4th anniversary activities, the thanksgiving event saw loot bags and raffle prizes of healthy treats being given to attendees, some of whom have supported Sugarleaf Makati since its opening on November 2011.  Partner merchants Matstone slow juicer and Vitamix high speed blender demonstrated some healthful and delicious recipes to the delight of the visitors.

* * *

I admit, when it comes to raw foods the first things that came into my mind were salads and sashimi.  This preview of the workshop showcased that raw vegan foods are more than salads as even soups, breads, and cakes can be made!

Cooling Cucumber Soup
(Courtesy Sugarleaf Makati)

Banana Pili Loaf and some raw chocolates
(Courtesy Sugarleaf Makati)

“Christmas Turkey” in its original state (bottom) and after being dehydrated (top)
(Courtesy Sugarleaf Makati)

These are just some of the items participants would learn in the workshop and I admit, these items are really interesting.  Aside from the mere fact that they are not cooked, they do pack a lot of flavors that I did not expect.  It’s like moving from black and white to color—my tongue was overwhelmed with all the tastes that I don’t normally encounter with cooked food.  Maybe it’s just that I didn’t really notice it before, or maybe raw food really preserves much more flavor of the food.  Some people though may find it too overwhelming especially if they’re used to eating meat.  But whatever it is, it’s good and it tastes healthy.

Venue for all workshops will be at Sugarleaf Makati at the MEDICard Lifestyle Center located at 51 Paseo de Roxas corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Urdaneta Village, Makati City.

For more information about this event visit sugarleaf.ph; email angelo@sugarleafph.com; or contact +63 2 812 7323 or +63 917 803 9055.  You may also visit the Facebook pages of Sugarleaf Makati and Raw Yogini Sonia#RawFoodIsTheNewHot

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