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Learn to Swim This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to learn new things and swimming is one of those new things worth learning as it may save you or someone else’s life.  If you don’t know how to swim (but possibly considering learning?), here are some encouraging words from Streamline Sports Instruction.

Meet the Streamline Team

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Game Plan: TNF100 2016 (50K)

It’s been six years since I’ve last ran TNF100 which was then also held in Baguio.  I did the full 100K back then and now I’m doing 50K so this makes it the shortest TNF100 race I’ve joined! 😀  This being my first time to do the 50K leg, I thought of making a guide for myself, but am now sharing for your perusal.

TNF100 2016 50K Route
(Click image for a bigger version)

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PiliPinas Debates 2016

If you missed any of the PiliPinas Debates 2016 series of Presidential or Vice-Presidential debates, here’s my compilation from the hosts’ YouTube accounts.  No copyright infringement intended, all rights remain with the copyright holder.

Presidential Debate #3
April 24, 2016
University of Pangasinan (Luzon) via ABS-CBN News

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Learn “Ninja Moves” at Ninja Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do those “ninja moves” you see on movies?  Or are you a parkour enthusiast looking for a safe place to practice your craft without looking like you just stole from somebody’s house?  Well, Ninja Academy got you covered and I got to see what it’s all about from their new Las Piñas branch.

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NatGeo Earth Day Run 2016 Race Results

Race results for the recently concluded NatGeo Earth Day Run 2016 is now available online!  Click here to view the official race results.

To all the finishers, Congratulations! 😀


Race Recap: Salomon X-Trail Run 2016

I had forgotten when I last ran the trails so when the opportunity to do so came, I quickly grabbed the opportunity.  Knowing the past editions of Salomon X-Trail, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy—and it really wasn’t as we all figured out.

The 32K participants awaiting their gun start

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adidas Launches #BoostManila

Top running groups from all over Metro Manila were gathered by adidas Philippines at Terra 28th, Bonifacio Global City for the launching of #BoostManila.  Here’s what this is all about.

At the launch of #BoostManila at Terra 28th

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