Learn to Swim This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to learn new things and swimming is one of those new things worth learning as it may save you or someone else’s life.  If you don’t know how to swim (but possibly considering learning?), here are some encouraging words from Streamline Sports Instruction.

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Jump In!

The summer heat in the metro can get unbearable sometimes and all you want to do is jump into the closest pool to just cool down.  So why not make it a regular thing?  You’ll be amazed at the benefits you get from taking that plunge.  But don’t let the heat be the only reason for you to start those regular laps in your pool.  Here’s a few more to really give you that extra motivation to get into swimming.

Do it for your health

As a swimmer, you gain muscle strength throughout the entire body since you utilize more muscle groups as you move through the water and helps with overall flexibility.

It’s not just for your physical health

The health benefits of swimming don’t just end with the physical benefits.  A research by Mindlab International reported that taking a regular dip at your local pool could make you feel happier.  More studies suggest it also helps with stress relief and self-esteem.

It could make you smarter

According to a Journal of Physiology study, blood flow to the brain increased by up to 14% when men submerged themselves in water up to their heart.  Though this could mean more brain activity for you, don’t get your hopes too high.  The real magic is with the kids! In an Australian research, it showed that kids who took swimming lessons were able to master language development, fine motor skills, confidence, and physical development sooner than those who didn’t.  Don’t you just wish you took swimming lessons as a kid?

Live longer

Yes, all forms of exercise can produce greater health and longevity, several studies point to swimming as the winner.  A study done by the University of South Carolina in a span of 32 years involving 40,547 men, aged 20 to 90, showed that swimmers had a 50% lower death rate than runners, walkers, or men who didn’t exercise.

Philippine summer

While there is a ton of other ways you can stay fit this summer, you might want to stay cool while doing so.  Swimming, my dear friends, is the answer.  Also, wouldn’t summers by our beautiful beaches be more enjoyable if you could swim as much as you wanted?

Anyone can do it

Whether you’re an athlete, a pregnant mom, or just someone who wants to start a regular exercise, swimming is a great workout as it helps enhance your cardiovascular fitness with very minimal risk of injury.

To get started this summer, why not enroll in a swimming school?  Like all exercises, it’s always more effective when we approach learning under the supervision of professionals who use a technically sound and enjoyable form of instruction.  With a combined local and international teaching experience of over 40 years, swimming with Streamline Sports Instruction will definitely be an experience you and your kids will enjoy.

“Swimming is for everyone.  You can learn at any age and still be good at it, with the right teaching approach,” shares Noy Basa, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Streamline Sports Instruction.  “We believe in the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle through sports and learning how to swim is a step towards that direction,” ends Basa.

Go on, grab your goggles, and take a lap with us!

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