Nike+ Run Club App: What’s New?

I’ve been using Nike+ Running for years already and now that it’s coming under a new name, Nike+ Run Club, there’s simply more to it than just a name change.  Here are some of the new features that makes this app so much more useful.

Nike+ Running is now Nike+ Run Club

When I first updated to the new NRC app, I was totally confused.  The UI has totally changed so everything was unfamiliar.  Fortunately, I saw a lot of new features that makes it so much better than its predecessor.

Nike+ Run Club App

Nike+ Run Club app screens

It’s actually not that difficult to get familiar with the new NRC app as the screens are intuitive.  Right now, I’m using it as a tracker for my more serious runs as it gives me audible progress every kilometer so I don’t have to look at my phone to know how I did for the interval.  It also allows me to tag my shoes so I know how much mileage each one has.  I admit I’m not maximizing the app’s potential as a training tool, but for those interested to know more about the app, here are some of its new features (screenshots taken from my iPhone 5):

— Press Release —

Your Perfect Running Partner: What’s New About the Nike+ Run Club App?

In addition to best-in-class tracking for indoor and outdoor runs, the redesigned and updated app provides the premier motivation-guidance-support system, helping athletes to run farther and faster than ever before, propelled by the following new features:

New (Adaptive) Coaching

Three distinct training programs designed by expert coaches help athletes “Get Started,” “Get More Fit,” and “Get Race Ready.”  Can’t make Tuesday’s Speed Run?  Need to move the Long Run to Thursday?  Not a problem.  The updated Nike+ Run Club app adapts coaching plans to athletes’ schedules on the fly.  Additionally, in-ear (i.e., audio) coaching from experts, like sprint legend Michael Johnson, helps push the runner’s pace.

The new NRC app provides guidance from beginners to get started to those preparing for their races


Whether on trail, track or road, hashtagging a run instantly connects Nike+ members around the world to a global leaderboard and collection of the photos shared with that hash-tag.  Stickers showcase runners’ route maps, stats and elevation gain, allowing them to customize their photo—they can also further layer the photo with exclusive emoji-like stickers to create a truly unique running story.

You may also add your friends for some friendly competition 🙂

Stronger Connection to a Running Community

Join one of our 250 weekly Nike+ Run Club live session experiences, led by NRC Head Coaches and Nike Pacers.  “Ready, Set, Go” sessions lay the fundamentals for novices while weekly Speed Runs, held at iconic track venues, help runners unlock their full pace potential.  Also, users can discover, book and check-in directly to sessions via the new Nike+ Run Club app.

It also offers a quick link to the NRC live events in your location so you can conveniently signup and join


Playlists, featuring songs selected by Nike athletes and specifically designed to increase athletes’ speed, power up every run.

No Phone Necessary

The Apple Watch’s built-in accelerometer provides runner access to all of the in-run app metrics and experience so you can leave your iPhone at home.

# # #

I didn’t even know that the app is available for the Apple Watch! 😀

Overall, this app has been very useful to me that I have been using it for years already.

* * *

Download the app here to become part of the Nike+ Run Club community.

* * *


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