Nike Air Perfection Sneak Peek

I’ve always been curious about the Nike Air ever since the first time I saw it.  Some of the questions I had (and still do) are the likes of “is it all air under there?” and “how do they keep the air from escaping?”  Well, Nike is finally sharing how Nike Air shoes are made shedding light into some of these curiousities.

Injection_Molding_1_hd_1600 (640x360)

This is how Nike Airs are made…

— Press Release —

Fresh Air from Oregon

In 1977, an inventor named Frank Rudy presented a crazy idea to Phil Knight: placing air bags inside shoes.  Phil went for a test run, and Nike never looked back.

Over the last 30 years, no technology has become more synonymous with Nike than Air.  From the Tailwind to the new Nike Air VaporMax, it’s a pioneering idea that transformed the industry—and established Nike as a leading innovation company.

A short walk from Nike’s World Headquarters, in Beaverton, Oregon sits one of two facilities that has invented, re-invented and perfected Air.  The Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation building, and its counterpart in St. Charles, Missouri have created a combined 3.5bn Nike Air units.  It takes a workforce of 1,300 highly skilled people, running around the clock, to make it happen.  Each of them plays a critical role in fine-tuning Air technology to deliver precision performance, at a microscopic level.

For the first time ever, we’re sharing with the world how we breathe life into Nike Air.  Take a look at this video “Fresh Air from Oregon” and get an inside look into Nike’s Air Manufacturing Innovation facility.

Already a global phenomenon, Nike is taking Air to places that that were never dreamed possible.  New materials, computational design, and manufacturing tools are pushing the limits of this technology.  As a result, Air is going to translate far beyond running—making waves in new sports and style.

With the new Nike Air VaporMax, that future is already here today.  It delivers on our most daring dream: helping every athlete feel the unparalleled sensation of walking on air.  Every VaporMax air unit is built in Beaverton, Oregon.

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