10 Reasons Why You Should Join Maxicare Run 2017

You may think that this is another one of those races, but this is one I really encourage you to join.  I could write paragraphs to explain, but I rather just give you ten reasons why:

Maxicare Run 2017 on July 09, 2017

Reasonable fees with a lot of inclusions, yet for a great cause

10. Inclusivity

Maxicare Run 2017 is a race that hopes to inspire more people to adopt a fitter lifestyle and is thus open to all people of all ages and all fitness levels.  There’s the 200m for the kids to introduce them to an active lifestyle while they’re young; there’s the 3K for those who have never tried running or are afraid that the 5K is too long for them; then there’s the 5K for those who may find 3K too short or want to run fast; and then there’s the 10K and 16K for the more advanced runners preparing for longer distances.  If you’re a “veteran” runner, see #2! 😀

9. Registration Fee

With races now charging a premium, it’s refreshing to see an event in 2017 that charges as low as ₱550 (and ₱350 for kids’ event).  Even the longest event, 16K, is only ₱850.

8. Timing Chip

Normally, timing chips are exclusive to more expensive races or longer distances.  Here, all events, including the kids’ dash (200m), uses timing chips!

7. Perks

Maxicare promises runners that they would have a great time before, during, and after the race with products and services from their partners.  These are secrets for now, but as a reward for reading this, I can tell you one: pairs of shoes will be raffled off!

6. Singlet

Practically all races provide singlets but not all provide good quality ones.  I can personally attest that their singlet is of good quality—from the fabric to the prints, even to the designs.  And look at that “Fitness Ambassador” label on the back…

Event singlet

Sizing chart for your reference

5. Finisher’s Shirt

This shirt is exclusive to 16K event finishers and is made of the same material as the singlet.  For ₱850, you get a singlet and a shirt… that’s great value, right?

Shirt design for 16K finishers

4. Finisher’s Medal

Again, medals are usually just offered for finishers of longer distances.  Here, all finishers, including the kids’ dash, get to take home a finisher’s medal.  If you’ve never earned a medal in your life, here’s your chance!

Medals for finishers of different categories

3. Routes

The race routes are some of the nicest routes I’ve ever seen for their respective distances.  Imagine a 5K event reaching Kalayaan flyover?  10K reaches Buendia and the 16K reaches all the way to Osmeña Highway (SLEX).  Previous BGC (Bonifacio Global City) races tried to fit everything inside the area by using just about every road resulting in a lot of turns.  Not here!





2. The last race in BGC?

If you haven’t noticed, most races in Metro Manila these past few years have been staged in SM Mall of Asia area.  This is not a coincidence and is mostly because BGC had slowly closed its doors to running events, especially big ones, for various reasons.  If you want to experience running in a race inside BGC, this may be your last chance before they finally close their doors.

1. For a great cause

Maxicare Run 2017 is a race for the benefit of Bahay Aruga, a free halfway house for pediatric cancer patients.  Bahay Aruga was founded solely by Ms. Mayette Bonilla and is completely dependent on the generosity of donors and sponsors for all their expenses as they are not part of a larger community or institution.  The home and the lot where it stands is their private property.

The kids can stay at Bahay Aruga together with a guardian for free while receiving treatment at the Philippine General Hospital.

More about Bahay Aruga

* * *

Maxicare Run 2017
July 09, 2017
Bonifacio Global City

Category Registration Fee Gun Start
16K ₱850 4:30AM
10K ₱750 5:00AM
5K ₱650 5:05AM
3K ₱550 5:10AM
200m* ₱350 6:30AM

* For kids aged 4 to 8 years old only.

You may register online via takbo.ph or at the following Chris Sports branches:

  • Glorietta
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM North EDSA
  • SM City BF
  • SM Megamall
  • Market Market

— Press Release —

Maxicare Run 2017

A celebration of fitness for 30 strong years in the Healthcare Industry

Makati, Philippines: This year marks a milestone for the entire Maxicare Healthcare Corporation family as they are celebrating their 30th Anniversary!

The past three (3) decades have been truly eventful for Maxicare and all of its Members, Employees, Partners and Providers.  Delivery of the finest healthcare services have been made possible thru and for these stakeholders.

What started out as a brainchild of a group of premier doctors and esteemed businessmen with the aim to provide quality health care to the Filipinos, Maxicare Healthcare Corporation has become the consistent leading Health Maintenance Organization* in the country in its 30 years of providing healthcare at its finest.

Maxicare continuously exerts effort to offer superior services and tailor fit products at a valuable cost to its members, and has set the standards in the HMO industry.  Moreover, Maxicare has been an innovation trailblazer in its industry, ably meeting the evolving needs of its over 1.1 Million customers.  It has started to transform the business to a fully digital and IT-enabled enterprise.  The introduction of the TeleConsult and TeleMedicine, both of which are 24/7 services, has allowed our valued Members to access healthcare services anytime, anywhere.  There are also the fast ways to secure a Letter of Authorization for their needed medical availments: via the website-based Member Gateway portal, Self-Service Kiosks stationed in some major hospital facilities and Member Account company sites, and the mobile application DocHUGO.

Sustaining trust, ensuring reliability, providing convenience and unceasing innovation are the main thrusts Maxicare upholds in its conquest to deliver its commitment to its members.

Maxicare is truly a leader, not just because of sheer number, but due to the lives it has touched.  To put things into perspective, just last year, Maxicare handled four (4) Million availments, 150,000 pediatric cases, 47,000 dengue cases, 133,000 inpatient confinements, 341 angioplasties and related procedures, and has helped augment lives via 147 organ transplants.

To quote Christian Argos, President and CEO of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, “I am proud of our past, of our history, of our accomplishments and, most definitely, I have confidence in what the future will unfold and that Maxicare Healthcare Corporation will remain the Number One HMO in the Philippines.”

Thus, to commemorate their 30th Anniversary in the healthcare industry, Maxicare has a roster of activities lined up, enjoining all to partake in their achievement.  One of the highlighted events is the Maxicare Run 2017 this coming month of July.  Maxicare desires to impart that they are with their Members not just when they are sick, more so, they want them to be healthy and live worry-free.  As truly, there is no better way to delight in the health of their members other than with a celebration of fitness and wellness.

This activity is in partnership with one of the most recognized run organizers in the country, LeadPack, and is for the benefit of Bahay Aruga, a free halfway house for Pediatric Cancer Patients.

Featuring five (5) categories: a 200m dash for 4-8 year olds kids, the easy 3K, the amicable distance of 5K and the competitive 10K & 16K, the run is expected to excite newbie runners and seasoned runners alike as it is geared toward engaging and uniting everyone for a single goal: fitness.  Short distance run is offered to inspire members to be involved in a fitness activity and encourage healthy lifestyle.  Race route will be attainable enough even for those with zero experience in running and still enough to get the sweat flowing for the pros.

Moreover, to differentiate itself from all other fun runs, all finishers will feel like a winner as they will all receive a medal.  There will also be an extensive “Wellness Village” where the runners and their families and friends can dine, relax and enjoy activities that Maxicare’s partner brands have prepared.

With this benefit run, Maxicare wants to offer the complete experience of advocacy, athleticism and celebration.

With all that it has packed in its design, the Maxicare Run 2017 has set itself to be a game-changer in the running and moreover in the fitness community.

* According to Business World’s Top 1000 Corporations annual list

* * *

For more information about Maxicare, visit maxicare.com.ph or follow @maxicarehealthcarecorp on Facebook, @MaxicareHMO on Twitter, and @maxicarehealthcare on Instagram.  #MaxicareRun2017

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