Guided Tours via Running?!

I was looking for possible races to join for my upcoming business trip on the other side of the world when I stumbled upon this website offering guided running tours.  It’s like something that came out of my fantasy!

Screenshot of cityrunningtours.com

I’m referring to cityrunningtours.com and they offer guided running tours in various locations for different types of runners.  You can even ask them to customize your running tour!

This post is not a promotion of the above website but rather a ping to the local running community that we could arrange for something like this to complement our tourism industry.  As a runner that has to occasionally go away for business trips that don’t give you that much personal time, having local runners give you a quick tour of their place via a run is an excellent idea.  It’s quick, possibly less expensive, you get your dose of running, and you get to know the place and the people better.  It also helps the local community directly and it doesn’t cause too much carbon footprint as you’d be on foot.  What’s not to like?

As an advocate of healthy lifestyle and promoter somehow of Philippine tourism, I would like to see these kinds of tours in major cities and tourist spots in the country.  I believe that the best way to tour is on foot and running is the best way to cover a lot of grounds.  I hope that one day I could just go into a city in the province and do my 5K or 10K sightseeing with a local guide instead of just sitting in a shuttle to get to places.

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