Weekend CrossFit with Cloud X

It seemed not to long ago when I got introduced with the brand On with the Cloud.  Last weekend, I got introduced with its successor, the Cloud X, this time around testing it with a CrossFit session at Avant Garde CrossFit.

The Cloud X by On.

I, together with some running blogger friends, got together on a Saturday morning to try out the latest from On, the Cloud X.  I can’t help but compare it with its predecessor, the Cloud, as it’s one of my favorite running shoes.  The Cloud X is practically identical with the Cloud with two major distinction: the color options and the laces.  On Cloud is a very handsome shoe and the Cloud X is even more with its more catchy color combinations.  And now that it sports “real” laces (as opposed to the good-looking but very flimsy, garter-like ones of the Cloud), it got rid of its predecessor’s weakest link.

I really love this color combo!

The On Cloud with its signature laces: definitely a looker but is not very durable.

We were divided into two groups.  I opted to join the latter session so I was able to witness what we would be doing with the Cloud X.  And as expected, there’s a warmup session before everything else.  It’s then followed by a CrossFit session with a run and cool down.  When our session came in though, it was slightly different and a bit more intense.

The first group in one of their drills.

Like the first group, we started with some warmup drills.  It was then followed by a video presentation of the Cloud X.  By the time it’s over though, everyone’s pretty much cooled down.  And so, we went outside under the scorching sun to do our 800-meter run.

Watching a video presentation after our warmup…

Our batch about to start our outdoor activities…

Running with Cloud X…

Our outdoor run is followed by pushups and pullups, CrossFit style.  I explicitly mentioned CrossFit style as their execution is much different from what I grew accustomed to in the gym so it proved to be quite a challenge for me.   I’m not used to using my triceps when doing pushups or get momentum from my legs to pullup so after an entire set, I’m pretty much wasted.  I was only able to complete two rounds in our allotted 30 minutes.

Me struggling to use my triceps to do pushups…

…Moments later, cooling down…

Our batch after our grueling session…

Overall, the Cloud X proved to be a very good pair for fitness activities, not just running.  It is very lightweight, breathable, still has that good cushioning On is known for, and it looks really good.  Too bad I only had it only for that morning so I can only give my first impressions.

The Cloud X by On.

* * *

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