Under Armour Debuts HOVR in the Philippines

The latest and most anticipated shoe lineup from Under Armour (UA) finally launched in the Philippines!  I’m referring to the HOVR line which is composed of the Sonic and Phantom models.  Check out these gorgeous shoes:

Men’s UA HOVR Phantom in Pierce Red color.

— Press Release —

Under Armour Debuts HOVR in the Philippines

High performance sportswear label Under Armour (UA) unveiled the brand’s latest innovation in footwear cushioning technology called HOVR.  The new HOVR delivers one of the most cutting edge running platform that combines comfort, underfoot cushioning, and energy return for runners.

Gravity Holds You Down, HOVR Lifts You Up

UA HOVR is a cushioning platform, engineered to provide the idea l combination of cushioning and energy return.  The UA HOVR midsole is made of a proprietary foam compound in partnership with leading innovators Dow Chemical, providing a super-soft durometer with incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every single foot strike.

UA HOVR is UA’s third cushioning platform, evolved from Micro G and Charged Cushioning respectively.  This new pinnacle cushioning system delivers on runners’ needs to have a shoe that provides not only support—but also energy return and shock absorption.

Another key component of UA HOVR cushioning system is the ‘Energy Web,’ which is a mesh fabric that wraps the cushioning core, to deliver strong responsiveness and energy return.  This ideal combination of advantages makes runners feel better and perform better with less fatigue.  With UA HOVR, the shoe is absorbing some of the impact an athlete’s body would normally feel, aiding in comfort and keeping legs fresh for the road ahead.

“The development of UA HOVR was inspired by the insight that every step a runner takes has the impact of 2-4× their body weight, holding them down.  When designing UA HOVR, we set out to create the perfect combination of cushioning plus responsiveness and energy return—to essentially lift you up,” said Dave Dombrow, Under Armour’s Chief Design Officer.  “The HOVR under foot returns that energy and makes every stride feel light and effortless.  I could not be more proud of this product and for HOVR to usher in a new chapter in the Under Armour design and innovation story.”

“Under Armour is focused on delivering runners around the world—from world champion Natasha Hastings to runners completing their first 5K—innovative solutions that provide an unparalleled running experience,” said Topher Gaylord, General Manager of UA Run.  “We obsess over every detail in our running footwear to ensure supreme comfort, unrivaled performance, and the ultimate underfoot ride.  With beautiful design, HOVR technology empowers athletes everywhere, at all levels of the sport, with performance advantages previously available only to the world’s most elite athletes.  Put simply, Under Armour and UA HOVR make you better.”

Weighing in at 9.6oz / 272g, with an 8mm offset, the UA HOVR Sonic has a light and responsive ride, for runners who put distance first.  The UA HOVR Phantom weighs 10.6oz / 300.5g and has a plush and responsive ride, for runners who want all-around cushioning.  With the UA HOVR Phantom, UA leveraged its apparel DNA to create a knitted collar for superior comfort and adaptation around the ankle with a 5/8” collar and knitted sock-like feel.

The UA HOVR platform will be introduced through two styles, the HOVR Phantom and HOVR Sonic, and both are available for purchase now.  Prices begin at ₱6,395.

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The Phantom and Sonic both look really, really good and their distinction lies more than the obvious.  The Phantom, with its sock-like higher cut, can be thought of as your trainers or daily shoes, looking great with your everyday apparel yet always ready if you want to go for a run or any activity.  The Sonic, with its lower cut, while also looking good is designed for performance with its lighter weight.

UA HOVR Phantom Tech Sheet (click for a bigger view).
UA HOVR Sonic Tech Sheet (click for a bigger view).

The UA HOVR line is now available in the Philippines with a starting SRP of ₱6,395.

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