Taste Test: Cobra +Plus Vitamin C

I don’t usually take energy drinks as a wake-me-up-er before a workout or a run but one weekday last month when I was lethargic at the end of the day but still needed to go for a workout and there was no coffee in sight, I tried the Cobra +Plus Vitamin C.  Here’s what happened:

Cobra +Plus Vitamin C.

I usually do my workout after office hours while waiting for rush hour traffic to subside.  Occasionally, it could be a challenge as there are workdays that end with myself feeling exhausted.  I normally go for a cup of coffee to wake myself up, but there are times my tongue want a different flavor.  And as I have a bottle of Cobra +Plus Vitamin C lying in our office refrigerator (samples sent over by FUSE a few days earlier), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it.  And since it’s in a bottle, I can take it while walking to the gym.

As expected, I drank the entire bottle long before I arrived at the gym.  I was still feeling a bit drowsy, so I didn’t really think it worked—at least in the waking me up part—but at least my taste buds were happy to taste something else aside from coffee.  Cobra +Plus Vitamin C tastes like an orange-flavored soft drink so there wasn’t anything exotic about its flavor.

— Press Release —

Cobra Energy Drink brings Vitamin C Variant for Ultimate Immunity Defense

In line with its commitment to foster innovation in its category and continue to be an icon of true Filipino strength, Asia Brewery Inc. launches Cobra +Plus Vitamin C.

Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense focuses on health and productivity as Filipinos today aspire to pursue and achieve more in a day.  Packed with 700mg of Vitamin C and a delicious orange taste that makes the perfect combination to match your daily grind, this variant was developed with the satisfaction of Filipinos’ daily energy fix in mind.

This is the ultimate immunity defense in an energy drink bottle, served to strengthen the body for the daily hustle while one actively pursues its passion in the best health condition possible.

As active lifestyle becomes a more popular choice among today’s busy individuals, sustained energy and immunity defense become top priorities when choosing a daily partner drink.

This is what Cobra Energy Drink is committed to be as they launch Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense—the perfect partner for every Filipino that assures they are in their best shape, as they pursue an active lifestyle.


“Earning the titles best-selling and number one energy drink is both a milestone and motivation for us.  For years, we have continuously strived to cater to the market’s different energy needs and strived to be better at giving Filipinos the value they deserve.  We continue to offer products that we believe can enhance their daily activities and, ultimately, add significant value to their lives,” Marketing Manager-CSD Dan Ong shares.

# # #

Even after my quick run on the treadmill, I was still feeling sleepy.  When I was working out though, I noticed that I was lifting my heavier weights surprisingly easier than expected—despite still feeling so!  For some strange reasons, I wasn’t getting “woke” but I was feeling the effects of the caffeine in Cobra +Plus Vitamin C!

I’m not claiming that Cobra +Plus Vitamin C will make you suddenly stronger, in fact it didn’t even make me feel more awake after drinking an entire bottle.  But if you’re a person like me that benefits from caffeine when doing strenuous activities, it may help you to some extent—even if you don’t feel like it does!  And since it has vitamin C, it may help your immune system ward off those possible infections around you.  It doesn’t have any weird taste that some energy drinks may have but since it is carbonated, you may want to take it with some food.

Overall, Cobra +Plus Vitamin C is a good addition to the lineup of Cobra energy drinks.  Now you have one more flavor to choose from to avoid taste fatigue!  One bottle has more vitamin C than a typical ascorbic acid tablet so for those needing to increase their intake, this could be an added source.

* * *

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