Habit Project

Why is it so easy to pick up bad habits and lose the good ones?

Runabout BGC (September 2021)

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  And sometimes, that’s even better!  That’s how I found myself back inside BGC after a very long time.


Gyms in Metro Manila have reopened and I was in my home branch on day one!  Could I be any more predictable?

Remaining Holidays (Philippines, 4Q 2021)

The last quarter of the year is here!  And it looks like this is one of the less favorable years for Filipinos as our remaining holidays fell on weekends and some special holidays were cancelled.

Eufy Smart Scale C1 Review

As gyms were closed most of the time due to lockdowns in Metro Manila, I decided to get a smart scale to monitor my body fat.  My research led me to the Eufy C1 Smart Scale and here’s my review.