Hi, AI!

Unless you’ve been offline for a long time, you probably heard about AI.  You probably have been using them without realizing it with your social media app.  For me as a content creator, one of the most promising tools is image creation.  Here’s my experience with DALL·E.

As a Windows user, I’ve been receiving a lot of push from Microsoft about using Bing, especially since their incorporated AI into it, to the extent that they sometimes “hack” my Google Chrome settings to open Bing upon loading!  Eventually, their push marketing worked when I noticed their “image creation from text using AI (DALL·E).”  Since it’s free and needed nothing to install, I tried it.  The first image I asked of it was “a runner running on a beach at sunset.”  Here are the results:

I was actually impressed with what DALL·E generated.  Sure, it’s not high resolution and looks a bit weird upon closer inspection, but it’s quite promising and somewhat usable.  Who knows, maybe one day my blog posts may use images made by these AIs.  It’s quite impressive and a bit concerning.  Hopefully, there are safeguards in place to prevent malicious use.

“a runner running into the horizon, neon”

You can try the Image Creator from Bing here. This is not a sponsored post.

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